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Best Schools in Spain

The “Best Schools in Spain” are of the utmost quality and are a benchmark in Spain due to their excellent academic results. Our schools are committed to continuous innovation and training in new methodologies in order to achieve  educational excellence.

In the most recent PISA-for-Schools study performed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), our schools were evaluated alongside other schools from Spain and the OECD. The results demonstrated that our schools are highly superior in comparison to other Spanish schools, and also surpassed schools in Finland, Japan and Korea. The best Schools in Spain rank among the international elite.

In addition to programs in Spanish, the Best Schools in Spain offer a large number of educational centers with international curricula, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the British Curriculum (GCSE and A Levels). Consequently, our schools regularly accept foreign students and are always able to provide them with educational programs adapted to their individual needs.

All of the Best Schools in Spain possess modern facilities and many offer international accommodation for students from all around the world. Additionally, our schools recognize the importance of athletic activities, sports and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. As a result, our schools offer several athletic spaces and develop programs aimed at encouraging students to participate in sports.

Studying in one of the Best Schools in Spain provides students with the certainty that they are studying in a benchmark school that offers the best quality in education in the country.

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 The BSS quality seal


BSS quality seal


The BSS (Best Schools in Spain) quality seal arises from the enthusiasm, effort and implication of a group of the country’s best private schools, whose commitment to quality education, innovation and international presence has made them the benchmark for the Spanish education system.

 The BSS seal is the result of a common approach to excellence in education and based on a number of criteria and requirements which endorse the private schools included under the seal:

  1. Firm commitment to a process management model aimed at continuous improvement
  2. Development and implementation of pedagogical projects in the various teaching areas
  3. Design and implementation of educational projects based on innovation and technology
  4. Fostering the use of new information technologies in the day-to-day teaching activity
  5. Participation in and collaboration with international educational projects and exchange projects
  6. Proof of a good academic track record obtained in the various official external exams
  7. Recognition granted by external bodies to the school or its students in recent years
  8. Active participation in projects which foster values such as corporate responsibility and sustainability