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About us

Who we are and what we do at Best Schools in Spain

The schools that are part of the Best Schools in Spain network are those that, due to their quality, experience, tradition and excellent academic results, are a benchmark in Spain.

The “Best Schools in Spain” (BSS) is a tool that aims to help families find the best and most suitable school for their children. The schools that are part of the BSS network are a benchmark in Spain due to their quality, experience, tradition, and excellent academic results. The schools that we represent are fully committed to continuous innovation and developing new methodologies that aspire to educational excellence.

According to the results of the OECD’s PISA for Schools external evaluation, the Best Schools in Spain are far superior to other centres in Spain and even top the results obtained by key countries such as Finland, Japan or Korea.

International vocation

Most of the BSS centres offer international curriculums in addition to national educational programmes. They are an ideal option for students that want to study the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the British curriculum (GCSEs and A Levels). This explains the international vocation of the schools represented by BSS and their ability to integrate foreign students, who often also require programmes that are adapted to their individual needs.

Student residences and a healthy lifestyle

All BSS educational centres have cutting-edge infrastructures. Some have boarding facilities for students that are looking for accommodation. Physical activity, sports and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle are especially important aspects of our students’ comprehensive education.

The BSS quality seal

The Best Schools in Spain quality seal is granted to schools that have a steadfast commitment to quality education, innovation and international projection.

This recognition aims to boost excellence based on a set of common criteria and requirements:

  • A process-based management model focused on continuous improvement
  • Development and implementation of pedagogical projects in the various teaching areas
  • Design and implementation of educational projects based on innovation and technology
  • Promoting the use of and providing training on new information technologies in day-to-day teaching activity
  • Participation in and collaboration with international educational projects and exchange projects
  • Proof of a good academic track record obtained in the various official external tests
  • Recognition granted to the school or its students by external bodies in recent years
  • Active participation in projects that foster values such as corporate responsibility and sustainability

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