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The perception of schools with boarding facilities has changed considerably over the years. Our boarding schools offer a comprehensive experience to their residents in pleasant and safe surroundings that encourage both an academic atmosphere and the feeling of being in a home away from home.

When talking about boarding schools in Spain, we are referring exclusively to schools that have accommodation facilities where students go to obtain educational excellence and which are open to national and international students. Boarding schools are gaining prestige in Spain and are on a par with those that have such a well-deserved positive reputation in Switzerland or the United Kingdom.

Boarding schools are gaining prestige in Spain and are on a par with those that have such a well-deserved positive reputation in Switzerland or the United Kingdom.

    There are many reasons why Spain is the country of choice for families to educate their children. One is the possibility of studying Spanish (the second most spoken native language in the world after Chinese). Many Spanish schools also offer the option of studying an international curriculum (IB or the British curriculum), meaning that the educational experience is, if possible, even more comprehensive. Boarding Schools belonging to the Best Schools in Spain network have high academic standards both in Spanish and English, and are among the most innovative in the country in terms of methodology.

    Choosing a boarding school in our country offers many benefits, above all the exceptional climate, which allows students to have a 360° experience by offering a variety of outdoor activities, trips and cultural immersion throughout the school year. Thanks to the international nature of our boarding schools, the students that have the privilege of living there make friends from all over the world, which helps them to open their minds, discover different cultures and traditions, and share their own customs with their classmates of diverse nationalities.

    The option of flexible or weekly boarding offered by many of the Best Schools in Spain is an unbeatable option for many families that live in our country and want to give their children an international experience close to home, with the option of returning to their family on weekends if they so wish. In addition, life at our boarding schools is very different from the stressful daily routine of many students in conventional schools, who most likely have to get up earlier than our boarders and do not have the facilities, support and academic atmosphere found in a boarding school, and sometimes cannot take part in extracurricular activities that do not fit in with their family schedule.

    BSS boarding schools have top-class academic and leisure facilities, fully equipped sports areas to encourage boarders to learn about health and enjoy sport, and specific spaces dedicated to artistic disciplines where students can develop or discover their talents.

    Thanks to constant and direct communication, schools build a trusting relationship with families, who always know all about their children’s daily life and how they are getting on both personally and academically. The friendly and personalised contact offered by our boarding schools for both residents and their parents stimulates and develops a close link between all involved.

    Our BSS boarding schools represent a choice that clearly educates for the future.

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