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Educational excellence

Quality, satisfaction and results

Educational excellence defines the outstanding characteristics of an institution and requires that all of a school’s areas or programmes are aligned to achieve the best possible results. The ultimate aim always comes down to providing students with a top-quality education.

The centres belonging to the Best Schools in Spain network have high quality standards and a vocation for excellence.
Consequently, they focus their efforts on continuous improvement to achieve perfection, which involves constantly adapting themselves

to education, society, technology or the demands of the labour market.
Excellence can be measured using indicators that are closely linked to human, intellectual or social-emotional development aspects, to name but a few.

Some of these parameters where the Best Schools in Spain stand out are listed below:

  • Academic and intellectual results that aim to bring out the best of each student.
  • Values-related and personal development of students
  • Coeducation, developing values related to equality from a position of respect and empathy
  • Comprehensive education with social and globalizing values, with the aim of educating citizens of the world
  • Artistic and creative development of students
  • Education that looks toward sustainability and respect for the environment, integrating the strategy of the SDGs.
  • Our own, different educational projects that enrich the national curriculum.
  • Use of active methodologies that aim to make students take on a central, leading role in their learning.
  • Highly digitalised schools that take advantage of technological progress to improve education.
  • Plurilingual and intercultural programmes that favour the interculturality and internationalisation of students’ education.
  • Encouraging sport and healthy lifestyle habits to ensure students’ physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Educating students for the future in terms of life skills and abilities, including: spoken and written communication skills, logical reasoning, analytical skills, problem solving, critical thinking, social commitment, an attitude of solidarity and teamwork, in addition to the ability to take on challenges, fulfil responsibilities and persevere with their goals.

Study in Spain

Spain is an excellent educational destination due to the variety of
high-quality educational options
on offer.


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Characteristics of the Spanish education system

The Spanish education system is structured into general schooling and specialised schooling.

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