Studying in Zaragoza | Best Schools in Spain

Studying in Zaragoza

Where the Ebro River flows through valleys and cities deep in the land of Aragón, in the heart of the Spanish plateau, stands a city that has witnessed centuries of tradition and culture. The ancient Romans named it Caesar Augusta, but today we know it as Zaragoza.

Thinking of living and studying in Zaragoza? This city, full of life and history, transports us directly to an unparalleled medieval heritage in Spain and also boasts a unique cuisine.

Studying in Zaragoza | Best Schools in Spain
Studying in Zaragoza | Best Schools in Spain

Why study in Zaragoza?

Zaragoza, the city of four cultures

Roman Zaragoza, Mudejar Zaragoza, Jewish Zaragoza, Renaissance Zaragoza. This city of 700,000 inhabitants, the fifth largest in Spain in terms of population, has played an important role in the country’s history through its more than two thousand years of existence. Full of colour, life and history, it transports you to another era as soon as you arrive.

Studying in Zaragoza | Best Schools in Spain

The second-best city to live in Spain

According to a study by the Spanish consumer organisation OCU, Zaragoza is ranked first in terms of inhabitant satisfaction, achieving 69 points in a report that studied 14 large communities. And why do we conclude that Zaragoza is the best city to study and live in? Because of the mobility services, public safety, health facilities, educational options, cultural activities, sports and leisure opportunities, environmental care, the job market and much more.

Studying in Zaragoza | Best Schools in Spain

Proud to be a World Heritage Site

From La Aljafería, the northernmost Islamic palace in the world, to the Basilica del Pilar, the most representative building of the city, and La Seo, a cathedral that fuses architectural styles from three different cultures, we can find a rich cultural and architectural heritage in every corner of the city. That's why it has become a World Heritage Site, a perfect destination for history lovers and for young people going to study in Zaragoza.

Studying in Zaragoza | Best Schools in Spain

Tapas, the foundations of the province’s cuisine

The cuisine of Zaragoza, starring dishes such as baked veal, Aragonese migas or pork loin a la Zaragozana, is one of the most delicious and varied in northeast Spain. All of this in addition to tapas, which are already part of the culinary culture and can be found in all the city’s bar areas.

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Is Zaragoza a safe city?

Zaragoza is considered a safe city. However, as in any city, there are always risks and it’s important to take basic safety precautions, such as avoiding lonely areas at night. In addition, it has a well-developed transport infrastructure, making it easy and safe to get around the city.

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Studying in Zaragoza | Best Schools in Spain

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