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Brains International School La Moraleja

Personalized education based on the 5 foundational pillars: values, international project, sports, innovation and a unique academic formation where the student is the protagonist; Dare to be you!

Spanish, English, French, German

Basketball, Fitness, Athletics, Badminton, Paddle Tennis, Swimming, Soccer, Water Polo, ...

Brains International Schools is an educational group with three centers in Madrid and two in the Canary Islands and an educational project backed by more than 35 years of teaching experience that follows the Brains Method. This method is reviewed and adapted to new needs on an annual basis, and is based on five pillars: multilingual education focused on 4 languages, promotion of sports as a daily routine, innovation applied to education, unique academic training through adapted masters and training in values in social and emotional competencies. At Brains we want to prepare passionate and creative people, owners of their lives, balanced, socially committed, drivers of change and with a global mindset to energize the world.
In the Pre-school stage we follow the international curriculum 100% in English at the school, which we complement with French and German, the promotion of daily sports practice and the use of new technologies.
As an IB school we offer our students the possibility of studying the International Baccalaureate up to 100% in English. Our school offers a unique combination of subjects in Madrid, with the possibility of choosing to study them in English or Spanish.
1 – 18 years
Brains Moraleja Swimming School, Brains Basketball School, Brains Soccer School, Paddle School, Judo School, Climbing School, Skating, La Moraleja Music School, Ballet, Funky, English Theater Workshop: interacting, Drawing and Painting Workshop, Art Workshop, Chess, Kumon, French, German, Robotics Club, Educachef.

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