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Colegio "Estudio"

Colegio “Estudio” is a laic, private, non-profit institution which allocates its economic resources entirely to the steady improvement of the educational project. Founded in 1940 by Jimena Menéndez Pidal, Ángeles Gasset and Carmen García del Diestro, “Estudio” has had as its main objective, since its origins, the preservation and dissemination of the philosophy of Institución Libre de Enseñanza.
Colegio “Estudio” encompasses all educational levels from Preschool to A levels. The project is based on the comprehensive education of the students targeting at prompting rational thought along with sensibility, creativity, self-improvement, critical thinking, respect and responsibility. The school postulates an active environment where the students are the main protagonists of their process of experimentation learning.
“Estudio” offers tailored monitoring with class splitting for certain subjects. In Pre- school there are two teachers per class.

Vehicle Language - Spanish
From low to high level - English, Spanish, French, Spanish

Basketball, Swimming, Judo, Gymnastics, Dance, Tennis, Volleyball, Athletics, Ballet, ...

"Estudio" instills in its students the capacity for reflective, curiosity-based learning;

Without uniform


Transportation routes;

“Estudio” instills reflective capacity, curiosity-based learning and a taste for reading into the students. Offers a thorough selection of activities, visits and excursions which are carried out along the school year. Likewise, exchanges are held with schools from other countries and the students have the chance to participate in international events such as RYSMUN, a simulation of the UN prototype.
“Estudio” is a real, experiential and significant learning experience where comprehensive education is developed and where Arts, Music, Science, Humanities and P.E. are combined so that all students can discover and cultivate their talents. The students elaborate their own working and learning materials through files and notebooks, enhancing, thus, their sense of responsibility. In Baccalaureate there is a special career counseling and professional guidance program supported by visits to institutions and talks by experienced personnel. It also proffers a full extracurricular schedule with activities ranging from sports and culture to Arts and technology.
Ages: 3-18 years old
Vehicle Language – Spanish
From low to high level – English, Spanish, French, Spanish
1st prize in the 11th Philosophy Olympiad in Madrid and 2nd prize in the Philosophy Olympiad in Spain.
1st prize in Hermes Contest ( Classical Languages)
Access to University: 7,76 out of 10/ 10,89 out of 14.( Average grade) 81 students score from 10 to 14 40 students score over above 12
Sports: Basketball, Swimming, Judo, Gymnastics, Dance, Tennis, Volleyball, Athletics, Ballet, Handball, Volleyball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Soccer, Hockey, Badminton, Chess, Shovels, Physical training, Colpbol, Rugby, Baseball;
Others: Musical First Steps, Choir, Orchestra, Chamber Music, Instruments, Film, Theater Costumes, Visual Arts, Photography, Props, Scriptwriting and Directing, Business Innovation, Mini Business, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Hacking, Dance, Mini Basketball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Modern Dance, Athletics, Swimming, Chess, Tennis, Paddle Tennis, Sports Gymnastics, Yoga, Fitness.
Camps: Summer school camp in Spanish and English. Summer camps Surf, basketball technification, and multiactivities organized by the Club Deportivo. Easter Sky Camp organized by the Sports Club; Thematic camps of cinema, robotics, music, English organized by Factoría Estudio;
Psychologist, Nursery, Canteen, Psychomotricity specialist, School routes, Guidance Department, Pediatrician, Sports Club, Summer School Camps, Alumni Association (ADANAE);
Transportation: 24 school transportation routes, 2 shuttle routes for students from class 18 to Madrid that the school offers free of charge, 6 routes for students in extracurricular activities;
Library, Soccer field, Volleyball field, Basketball court, Orchard, Laboratories, Psychomotor skills room, Judo room, Athletic track
Monthly fee between 537€ and 845€; Check rates on our website;

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