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Complejo Educativo Mas Camarena International School

Private, co-educational, multilingual school; From kindergarten to high school and vocational training; They are characterized by an innovative project, with active and technological teachings; Ample academic and sports facilities;

English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese

Swimming, Tennis, Paddle, Soccer, Basketball, Athletics, Ballet, Spanish Dance, Martial Arts, Skating;



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Boarding School

Mas Camarena Educational Complex is a Private and Mixed Educational Center, which provides a multilingual Spanish-English teaching, with a Spanish curriculum; It counts from the first cycle of kindergarten up to high school and training cycles; This year, after its consolidation with the International Baccalaureate Diploma, it is implementing the Primary Years Program (PEP) and the Middle Years Program (PAI) in all its stages, thus achieving its goal of being an IB World School;
We understand education from an environment of work and respect, where effort and perseverance are values on which our own educational project is based; The last 6 years we have obtained the best grade in the University Entrance Exams of the Valencian Community; Technological and methodological innovation is part of our Educational Project; We have a multisensory classroom, an iPad corner and robotics initiation in infants; From 5th grade we use iPad 1:1 and it is in 3rd grade where we introduce robotics and programming as part of the curriculum, which is maintained until high school; In Secondary and High School, students carry Mac Book Pro 1:1; In this way, digital skills are actively developed, making learning much more motivating and current for the student;
Our school promotes the integral development of students by offering them a multitude of ways to develop their talents, turning them into Long Life Learners; We have more than 30 extracurricular activities, including the fact that our school is an Authorized Elementary and Superior Music Center; Together with the support of families and teachers, we surround students with an environment rich in learning stimuli that prepares them to be citizens of the world, citizens of the 21st century;
Mas Camarena Educational Complex is a private multilingual center, founded in September 1997, as a result of more than 55 years of experience dedicated to teaching;
Over the years, Mas Camarena has become one of the best schools in Spain, not only for its high academic performance but also for the importance given to teaching values and the high level of involvement of teachers; In the last six years, Mas Camarena has obtained the highest score in the university entrance exams (PAU) of the Valencian Community; Our goal is to achieve the highest quality of education, using educational innovation with the best methodological and technological resources; Along with specialized and dedicated professionals, and fully equipped facilities for our students and families;
Our school follows the Spanish curriculum, with instruction in English, Spanish and Valencian, carrying out all International Baccalaureate programs; We work every day on the values of effort, perseverance and respect, our students develop their abilities in an environment of trust and support;
In September 2012 we opened the Mas Camarena Pre-University Complex, our Pre-University campus, which has a High School, Training Cycles, Sports Education and a Language Center;
In September 2018 we will open the International Residence: a sports, residential and leisure complex for international students. The complex offers grass soccer fields, athletic tracks, basketball courts, swimming pool, paddle tennis and tennis courts; It also has all the amenities for students: Double and single rooms, study room, leisure room, dining room and cafeteria, barbecue, swimming pool… All this surrounded by gardens.
4 months – 18 years
– Second year recognised as Apple Distinguished School.- 10 years with 100% of students passing the selectividad.- 4th best school in Spain in the Ranking of the 100 Best Schools of the newspaper “El Mundo” .
Arts and Crafts, Music and Instruments, Official Elementary and Professional Music Center, Lego Educations, Speech and Communication, Magic Club, Math Club, Theater, Tarihuela Nature Center (Graja Escuela and Adventure and Sports Center);
Psychologist, Speech therapist, Nursing, Canteen, Psychomotor specialist, School tours
Library, Football pitch, Volleyball court, Basketball court, Laboratories, Tennis court, Paddle tennis court, Skating rink, Swimming pool, Heated swimming pool, Psychomotricity room, Judo room
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