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IDEO School

Our educational project aims to train happy, healthy, aware, supportive and builders of a better world from comprehensive training. We defend a useful and lasting knowledge, for life, that contributes to turning our students into active citizens and committed to social reality. We build a model that restores autonomy to students and allows them to grow as critical, flexible and creative individuals.
Living the IDEO educational experience will not only change the life of the boy or girl, but also that of their entire family. Because we understand that in education the entire educational community participates actively: teachers, fathers, mothers, center staff… all of us teach and all of us learn.
We have a Guidance Department made up of 10 professionals from different specialties who ensure the well-being of the entire educational community and support all students in the classroom. We have International Baccalaureate; We have Music School, Sports Club and Cycling School

Vehicle Language - Spanish
High Level - English, French

Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Cycling, Dance, Rugby, Hockey, Athletics, Badminton

Spanish, International Baccalaureate Diploma

Without uniform

At Escuela IDEO we develop an educational project, from one year old children to second course of the National and International Baccalaureate and Training Cycles, humanizing and enhancing personal and social skills and generating significant learning.
We work through experiential and cooperative pedagogies through projects, so that our students, the protagonists of their own learning, acquire knowledge, skills and values.
We encourage daily physical activity and healthy eating, with daily English sessions, artistic expression through music, theater and art; languages that promote creativity, emotional education and full development.
From 1 year to 2nd year of National and International Baccalaureate;
Vehicle Language – Spanish
High Level – English, French
Escuela IDEO School has been awarded the “Healthy Life Certification” quality mark by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. This distinction reinforces the promotion of health learning in the educational field, as well as the assumption of healthy living practices and physical education that allows adequate personal and social development throughout the schooling of students.
Escuela IDEO has been awarded the “Model Prevention and Intervention certification in cases of Bulling in the Educational field”. It is a recognition of the educational work and the quality of the actions to improve coexistence and prevent bullying within our school.
Bilingual Cycling School, Multisports: Collective sports (rugby, field hockey, basketball and soccer) and individual sports (athletics and badminton), Basketball School, Soccer School, Volleyball School, Parkour, Skating Club, Skateboarding, Dance, Art Workshop, Theater, Science Workshop, Robotics, Music School (Spanish guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, bass, percussion and singing), Musical Language, Music Therapy, Combo Harmony, Piano and Drums);
Psychologist, Speech therapist, Nursing, Canteen, Psychomotor specialist, School tours
Library, Soccer field, Basketball court, Orchard, Laboratories, Skating rink, Psychomotor skills room, Judo room

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