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International School San Patricio Toledo

International School San Patricio Toledo: a new concept of international education in Spain; ISSPT offers a continuous IB (International Baccalaureate) program on a 30,000 m2 campus with residence;

Spanish, English, French, German and Chinese;

Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Pre-sports, Athletics School, Martial Arts (Judo - Karate), Chess, Tennis and Golf initiation


With canteen

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Boarding School

International School San Patricio Toledo is a new concept of international education in Spain; a renewed and modern version of the best European and American residential schools;
We combine the International Baccalaureate Diploma with art, sports, emotional intelligence, social responsibility and languages (English, French, German and Mandarin Chinese).
International School San Patricio Toledo, founded in 2006, offers an International Baccalaureate comprising PYP (Primary Years Program), MYP (Middle Years Program), DP (Diploma Program) and covers students from 3 to 18 years of age;
The school is located in an exclusive residential area of Toledo, one of the most important historical cities in Spain, one hour from the capital by car and 25 minutes by high-speed train;
International Student Residence
The residence of the International School San Patricio Toledo, bases its existence on offering an educational experience between the ages of 15 and 18, which allows students to develop communication and relationship skills, fundamental for life and which are part of the main objectives of the school’s educational model; The residence is located within the school, which facilitates the use of the facilities at all times without the need to move or leave the campus; This ensures that the student lives in a large, well-equipped space with maximum security and control;
1 – 18 years
100% pass rate in Diploma (2019/2022)Highest DP score achieved: 45/45 (promotion 2022)Average results in DP (2019/2022) rising from 31 to 35 points.
Other languages: French, German and Chinese; In addition, students obtain a level of language proficiency that allows them to take the official exams of the University of Cambridge in English, the Goethe Institute in German and the official DELF exam in French, as well as the DELE (Spanish as a foreign language) diploma awarded by the Instituto Cervantes;
Extracurricular activities: Special artistic classes taught through the San Patricio Art Center, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Multisport, Athletics School, Martial Arts (Judo – Karate), Chess, Tennis and Golf Initiation, Technology and Robotics, Cooking Workshops and Special Language Classes.
Sports: Offered from pre-school, through the Sports Project and the Health Education program (with more than 30 sports teams in the school and official competitions).
Psychologist, Speech therapist, Nursing, Canteen, Psychomotor specialist, School tours
Library, Football pitch, Volleyball court, Basketball court, Orchard, Laboratories, Tennis court, Skating rink, Swimming pool, Heated swimming pool, Psychomotricity room, Judo hall

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