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Manuel Peleteiro School

Colegio Manuel Peleteiro, a coeducational private school founded in 1951, prides itself on its high-quality approach to education. We aim to lead our students towards both exceptional academic success and a remarkable personal development. Our achievements are evidenced by the consistency of our outstanding exam results as well as numerous awards in a multitude of national and international Olympiads, scientific projects and debating events.
Continuous teacher training, pedagogical innovation and state of the art facilities make our school a reference not only in the Santiago de Compostela area but also nationwide. Although we are a bilingual school (Spanish and English) up to 4th of Primary Education, English is used throughout the curriculum to teach other subjects. German is becoming compulsory and Chinese and French are offered. Peleteiro is in a modern, fully-equipped campus set in a beautiful natural environment. Our facilities comprise boarding accommodation and provision for a wide range of sporting and extra-curricular activities, amongst which is the Professional Conservatory, where an array of instruments can be studied.

Vehicle Language - Spanish, English, Gallego
High Level - French, German
Intermediate Level - Chinese

Basketball, Swimming, Judo, Gymnastics, Dance, Skating, Athletics...

Education that fosters the intellectual, physical, emotional, artistic and social development of its students;



School routes

Boarding School

The educational project of Manuel Peleteiro School has its foundation in an education which promotes the maximum intellectual, physical, emotional, artistic and social development of its students.
The school is made up of: students who feel identified with the values promulgated, such as respect, effort and perseverance, responsibility, honesty as well as empathy; a highly-qualified teaching staff committed to their students and parents who support the School’s educational approach. We aim to provide a whole network of interpersonal relationships based on respect among all the members of the educational community; together with a pedagogical methodology which is constantly being updated in regards to new educational and technological resources necessary to achieve the best academic results. Our state of the art facilities also favour an atmosphere conducive to learning.
Our commitment to ensure continuous improvement has made it possible for the School to renew its +500 quality seal in the EFQM excellence model. Our methodology aims to place the student as the protagonist of their own learning, promoting a critical, analytical and creative attitude which allows the students to develop all their competencies. Another key factor of our educational model is the defense of ethical values which help our students to be independent and responsible, capable of developing the best of themselves and putting it at the service of the society in which they live.
Age: 21 months – 18 years
Vehicle Language – Spanish, English, Gallego
High Level – French, German
Intermediate Level – Chinese
Once again, the 2021-2022 graduating class made Peleteiro School the school with the best academic qualifications in Galicia. Of the 114 students who took the EvAU tests, 36.8% achieved a score of 9 or more than 9 in the general phase. That is, 42 of our students have been distinguished for their excellence in these tests. Average general phase 7.624.
Five students achieved the Extraordinary Award in ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) given to students for Excellence. Peleteiro School is the only school in Galicia with so many award winners.
Three students achieved the Extraordinary Baccalaureate Award in education, being Peleteiro the school with most awards.
Basketball (professional competition), Swimming, Judo (professional competition), Gymnastics, Dance, Skating, Athletics, Soccer 8 and Soccer 11 (professional competition) and Rhythmic Gymnastics;
Modern Dance, Photography, Audiovisuals, Theater, Press Club, Galician Folklore (traditional dance), Music Study Center, Origami, Chess, STEM Workshop, Plastic Arts Workshop;
We conduct summer camps (sports, audiovisual, language immersion), in other holiday periods such as Easter … exchanges with prestigious foreign schools;
Psychologist, infirmary, dining room, school routes, wide variety of extracurricular activities and Music Studies Center (official conservatory), cafeteria, school supplies and uniforms store…
Library, Soccer field, Basketball court, Orchard, Laboratories, Skating rink, Swimming pool, Heated swimming pool, Psychomotricity room, Judo room, Residence, Pavilions and covered patios, Athletic track
Kindergarten 3 years old – 480 €/month
Kindergarten 4 and 5 years old – 542 €/month
1º, 2º, 3º, 4º y 5º E.P. – 598 €/month
6º E.P, 1º y 2º ESO – 614 €/month
3º E.S.O. – 618 €/month
4º E.S.O. – 629 €/month
1st and 2nd year of Bachillerato – 642 €/month

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