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SEK International School Alborán

SEK International School Alborán is the only school in the province of Almería authorised to teach the continuum of the three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. It holds the prestigious NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation and has recently been recognised as a UNICEF Reference Centre. SEK-Alborán offers its pupils, from 4 months to 18 years of age, a personalised, comprehensive education that is open to the world. It offers its own educational model, SEK Future Learning Model, to train its students through innovative methodologies accompanied by educational technology and always at the forefront of education to promote the awakening of their talent. It offers a social entrepreneurship programme from Pre-school to Baccalaureate based on Global Citizenship and the Sustainable Development Goals. The school combines international programmes with the national curriculum and attaches great importance to the learning of second foreign languages. It also offers its students the possibility of broadening their experience in SEK schools in France (SEK-Les Alpes) and Ireland (SEK-Dublin). SEK-Alborán also carries out a programme of school exchanges in Europe and the USA; participation in Model United Nations (MUN); educational projects in collaboration with other European countries such as Erasmus+ and local, national and international solidarity projects: the Plettenberg Project in South Africa; collaboration with associations with local social and environmental projects.

English, Spanish, French, German

Indoor Soccer, Soccer 7-a-side, Taekwondo, Inline Skating.

We have our own educational model, the SEK Future Learning Model. It is contextualised within the framework of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes and is a general approach and framework for learning and teaching, bringing together nine key elements that describe the type of learning we value and develop throughout all stages and programmes, focusing on the all-round development of students. It is characterised by promoting flexible, personalised and collaborative learning, with active methodologies and tools adapted to both physical, indoor and outdoor, as well as virtual environments. It fosters critical thinking, inquiry, real problem solving, and entrepreneurial spirit, and caters to the current and future needs of all students. Our competency framework pursues a transformational education that ensures a positive relationship with ourselves, with society and the planet. It is the compass that charts our course to educate and is integrated into all curricular content and those complementary to the curriculum.
0 – 18 years
– Extracurricular activities are a complete program of curricular enrichment, with an innovative, complementary and personalized methodology for each educational level (from 3 to 18 years old). Students have two sessions per week, and three sessions in activities in which they compete at a federated level in a sport.
Nursing, Canteen, School routes, School orientation.
Library, Volleyball court, Basketball court, Orchard, Laboratories, Tennis court, Heated swimming pool, Psychomotor skills room

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