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Yago School

We are a private, multilingual and international school located in Seville, with mixed education, where we combine tradition and modern approach to learning. We teach all levels of education and accompany your children in the learning process from 0 to 18 years of age. We offer the IB® International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, alongside the Spanish curriculum in order to provide more opportunities for our students in the future, giving them an excellent education in which we develop an proactive attitude towards lifelong learning with an international orientation and offering them the opportunity to study at the best universities in the world.
The backbone of our holistic educational project is values. Knowledge never comes without first attending to the human aspects of learning. Some of the values that are we believe are necessary in today’s society are respect, discipline and effort, autonomy, tolerance, responsibility, friendship and solidarity; with this we seek to educate our students and prepare them for the different challenges that their adult life will bring them.
Our students achieve the best fluency in English and an advanced communicative level of Chinese as a second foreign language. In addition, as of September 2023, we will have our Boarding Home, where students from all over the world will have the opportunity to live the Yago experience.

Vehicle Language - Spanish
High Level - English, French, Chinese

Basketball, Swimming, Judo, Gymnastics, Dance, Skating, Volleyball, Ballet, ...

We combine the IB® programs with the national curriculum.



Boarding school, Homestay

We provide a differentiated curriculum in which we combine the IB® programmes with the national curriculum in a common pedagogical framework, recognised for each programme, and with a coherent structure of objectives and values.
The main objective of the Diploma Programme is to provide our students with an internationally recognised and comprehensive education that prepares them for university and for their future careers. Through participation in IB programmes, students learn to become thoughtful citizens, able to express their thoughts and to manage their time and responsibilities well. Its programmes are focused on developing inquiring, informed, educated, caring and motivated students. It is the perfect training for our students’ university studies, giving them the opportunity to study at top universities in the world.
Age: 0 – 18 years old.
Vehicle Language – Spanish
High Level – English, French, Chinese
It is the perfect training for our students’ university studies, giving them the opportunity to study at top universities in the world.
Top 10 Schools in Spain 2022 by Forbes
100% pass rate Integrated Baccalaureate 21/22 graduating class (IB Diploma + Spanish Baccalaureate & PEVAU)
100 pass rate IB Diploma Programme 21/22 graduating class
Basketball (professional competition), Swimming, Judo (professional competition), Gymnastics (professional competition), Dance (professional competition), Skating (professional competition), Volleyball (professional competition), Ballet (professional competition), Rowing, Rugby, Hockey, Soccer, Chess.
Psychologist, Speech therapist, Nursing, Canteen, Psychomotor specialist, School tours
Library, Soccer field, Basketball court, Orchard, Laboratories, Swimming pool, Heated swimming pool, Psychomotricity room, Nature classrooms, Professional recording studio, etc.
300€ – 750€
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