What are the best activities for your children during summer?

¿Cuáles son las mejores actividades que pueden hacer tus hijos en verano?

Discover the benefits of summer activities

Summer is the perfect time for children and youngsters to explore new skills, discover different hobbies and enjoy activities that allow them to learn while having fun. These activities not only keep them busy, but also drive their personal and social development. In this post, BSS tells you all about the best activities to help your children make the most of this summer.

Las mejores actividades extraescolares verano para tus hijos | Best Schools in Spain

1. 1. Summer Camps

Summer camps are a great option where children and youngsters will enjoy their summer holiday and have a unique experience. They give them the chance to take part in a wide range of activities, including sports, art, language immersion, robotics and outdoor adventures. Camps also promote values such as respect and teamwork, as well as helping participants learn how to live together.

2. Language Immersion Courses

Summer is the perfect opportunity for children and youngsters to practice other languages and improve their skills. Language courses can be face-to-face or online, and often include interactive and cultural activities to make classes more engaging.

Language immersion courses are a particularly enriching option. This experience transforms students and allows them to practice a new language while they are fully immersed in a different culture. Not only will they improve their language skills, but also face new challenges and enjoy a unique experience that they’ll never forget.

Las mejores actividades extraescolares verano para tus hijos | Best Schools in Spain

3. Arts and Crafts Workshops

Arts and crafts workshops give children the chance to unleash their creative side and develop their artistic skills. There are many options out there, including painting, sculpture, photography or graphic design. These activities also develop children’s concentration and creative skills.

4. Outdoor Activities and Sports

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor sports, such as surfing, football, basketball, tennis, cycling or hiking. Not only do these activities keep children physically active, but also teach them the importance of teamwork and discipline.

Top 9 summer extracurricular activities for your kids | Best Schools in Spain

5. Music and Drama Classes

Learning to play an instrument or acting on stage can be a very enriching experience for children. These activities develop children’s artistic skills and techniques, all while building their self-confidence and communication skills.

Las mejores actividades extraescolares verano para tus hijos | Best Schools in Spain

6. Robotics, Programming and Technology

Programming and technology skills are an invaluable asset in our increasingly digital world. A large number of courses and summer camps teach children how to program, create apps or even build robots. These are fundamental skills for their future.

7. Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way for youngsters to learn about the importance of helping others and having a positive impact on their community. There are many opportunities available, from helping out at an animal shelter to environmental clean-up projects. We recommend, for example, that you take a look at the programs offered by AIPC Pandora.

8. Exploring Nature

Bird watching, camping and exploring nature are just a few activities that can spark children’s interest in the environment and science. They are the ideal option for curious and adventurous children.

Las mejores actividades extraescolares verano para tus hijos | Best Schools in Spain

9. Cooking and Nutrition

Cooking classes can be a fun and educational option for children and youngsters who love getting their hands dirty in the kitchen. Children can learn about nutrition, the importance of a balanced diet and how to prepare healthy meals.

Summer is a wonderful opportunity for children and youngsters to embark on new adventures and learn valuable skills. These activities ensure that children have a fun-packed summer holiday and also promote their physical, emotional and social development. If you choose the right activities, you’ll give your children an unforgettable and productive summer.

We hope our recommendations inspire you to find the best options so your children can make the most of the summer holidays!

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