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Economic crises, social changes, developments in the job market, new technologies … The world is constantly evolving and undergoing far-reaching transformations. People need to adapt to this new reality.

Our world is constantly evolving. As a result, people must learn to continually adapt to new social, economic, work or technological realities. The need to embrace change is just as important in education. The COVID-19 pandemic has been proof of this. Teams of teachers that are better prepared to solve complex situations were the most successful in this situation. The formula was largely based on leveraging the advantages of the digital environment.

Educational excellence, the aim behind every decision taken at the Best Schools in Spain, can be measured in terms of quality, innovation, academic results and services for students. However, without a doubt, what really represents excellence in schools is the expertise and training of the teachers.

We educate students to do jobs that don’t exist, to use technologies that haven’t been invented yet, to solve unforeseen problems and to be able to find solutions to the challenges of the future.

Excellent teachers who master the most innovative teaching-learning strategies represent an aspect that clearly defines educational excellence. Educators must always try to identify each student’s individual talents, guide them and motivate them, while also providing a solid base for their academic development. Likewise, all students need their teachers to build up their confidence, self-esteem and passion for learning.

All students need their teachers to build up their confidence, self-esteem and passion for learning

To do so, teachers and educators must know all about educational models — both innovative ones and classic models that continue to give good results — and be able to apply them in the classroom, as well as adapt them to each level, group, student or situation. Teachers at the Best Schools in Spain continually take part in training programmes that enable them to stay at the forefront of their professional group.

An example of teamwork

A school with excellent teachers has an engaged and highly qualified educational team, which is supported by educational psychologists and all other members of the educational community. They work side by side in our schools to bring out the best in all our students and help them reach their academic and personal goals.

Guided by these excellence-based educational methodologies, students will become capable of adapting to changes in the world and their closest environment, which is multilingual and international, based on an open mentality and support for others. Moreover, they will develop a strong spirit for investigation and intellectual reflection, as well as the desire to boldly set out on the never-ending adventure of learning. Students will see themselves in their teachers, who will seek to recognise and develop their innate skills and talents with the aim of helping them to take responsibility for their own academic and professional future and inspiring a lifelong philosophy of continuous learning.

The world is changing at an incredible pace. Consequently, the Best Schools in Spain put all their efforts into preparing students to do jobs that haven’t been created, to use technologies that haven’t been invented yet, to solve unforeseen problems and to be capable of finding solutions to any challenge. We must be excellent teachers if we want them to become excellent students.

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