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Extracurricular activities play an integral role in a student’s development, as well as improve their academic performance, foster interpersonal relationships, increase motivation and self-esteem, and help generate favourable physical, intellectual and social habits. The combination of these factors works together to help students manage and better organize their leisure time.

In Spain, extracurricular activities are offered in all of the academic areas of knowledge that are taught in each school. The Schools at Best Schools in Spain have designed a wide and varied range of high quality extracurricular options that provide students with the opportunity to enrich their education from an academic, cultural, artistic and athletic perspective. These activities represent an ideal complement and stimulus for each student, through which they are able to further develop as young people.


A variety of extracurricular activities to choose from

Depending on the preferences and needs of each student, schools usually organise their extracurricular activities based on a triple axis of priorities. The first is personalised education, through which the learning process is adapted to serve the needs and abilities of each student. The second axis involves bilingual and international education, which focuses on language learning and the development of an open-minded mentality that embraces other cultures. Finally, schools dedicate time to training students’ skills and abilities such as creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

It’s important to design activities that students will enjoy, while at the same time allow them to grow as people. With a varied offering of extracurricular activities, students are able to choose the option that is the best fit for them, based on their abilities, interests and motivations.

For this reason, teachers are always available to help advise families on how to make the best decision regarding their child’s extracurricular options. In addition, an exhaustive monitoring of each student’s work is presented to parents in quarterly parent-teacher meetings, as a way for both parents and teachers to follow the student’s progress.

A way to expand each student’s knowledge

Our extracurricular activity offering is divided into several groups or areas: Art programs, Athletic programs, Language programs, Robotics programs, and Guidance and Academic Reinforcement programs.

In the different art programs students can learn to play an instrument in a didactic yet fun way, stimulating their coordination, logical and cognitive reasoning and self-confidence through music. In these programs, students can learn how to play the piano, violin, guitar, drums, and more. In addition to playing an instrument, students can also develop their vocal skills through singing lessons, furthermore providing them with the possibility of joining their school choir. Another form of artistic expression that is promoted in these art programs is painting, which offers students the possibility to improve their visual observation abilities as well as their creative skills. Through these activities, students are able to learn elementary painting techniques, such as composition, form and colour. In these painting classes, students learn how to create works using watercolour, tempera, acrylic, oil or pastel techniques.

Extracurricular athletic programs reinforce the idea that playing a sport helps promote students’ personal development, social relationships, companionship and physical endurance. Our schools offer many different athletic options such as football, indoor soccer, basketball, padel, fencing, swimming, figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics. Students begin learning each athletic discipline from the very foundation and throughout the school year are able to learn the fundamental tactics and techniques of the sport they have chosen. In some cases, teams are formed to participate in internal competitions as well as municipal or regional leagues.

Our language programs focus on the learning of one or several foreign languages. Our aim is to provide each student with the tools they need to express themselves in another language in the most fluent way possible. We do this by strengthening the areas of grammatical, oral, and written comprehension and expression. We also offer courses in Mandarin Chinese, which we foresee to be a long-term future advantage for students in the labour market, since Mandarin is one of the languages ​​with the greatest global projection.

Students who participate in robotics programs are able to carry out individual and group experiments that utilise innovative robot design and programming activities, that involve working with mobility and sensor communication. In addition, these courses focus on the relationship between software and hardware that facilitates the operation of robots.

Guidance and Academic Reinforcement programs allow students to review the topics they are learning throughout the school year as well as answer any questions they may have regarding the material they learned in class. We also offer a mental development course, which is aimed at children from five to thirteen years old, which enhances students’ intelligence through an educational program that involves calculation activities using an abacus, mental arithmetic and didactic games.

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