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The Cambridge Dictionary defines talent as the “natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught”. This ability can sometimes be clear from a very young age.
Early stimulation is fundamental to detect these abilities or talents. When children are at a young age, they are very curious and have a heightened capacity for awe. If we activate their learning during this stage, it will be easier to detect abilities in certain specific practises later on. It is also important to analyse the child’s interest in developing an activity. Resting and socialising with their friends also play a fundamental role in children’s development and, consequently, their abilities.

However, this is not something that is only worked on at home. Schools also plays a decisive role in detecting and developing children’s talent. The educational centres belonging to the Best Schools in Spain network work on early stimulation from a very young age, bearing in mind that developing a talent does not necessarily have to condition a student’s happiness or limit their life.

Developing our students’ talent

However, the Spanish education system is designed so that all students of the same age learn at the same pace using the same method. As a result, the skills and learning pace of each individual student are not taken into account.

Therefore, the private centres belonging to the Best Schools in Spain network believe it is essential to implement educational models that keep children’s different abilities in mind. Having an education system that allows for this level of personalisation, that respects the learning pace of each student, means that all children can develop and work on their abilities at their own speed and gives them the time and space they need to do so.

In the case of the youngest students, learning methods that develop a child’s various intelligences are essential in order to make the most of the plasticity of the young brain.

In line with the above, when our teachers and professionals detect a special ability, they work to strengthen it and give the student all the resources they need to develop their talent. We have to work on an ability to develop it into a talent. For this purpose, special spaces where children can develop their abilities are a fundamental factor when managing talent. What’s more, in the early stages, the more disciplines we work on, the more chances a child has of developing these skills and detecting if they have a particular talent for any of them.

And we can’t ignore the fact that children nowadays are digital natives. Therefore, technology must be one of the tools used to boost this learning and stimulate students in different disciplines. Of course, teachers and families should supervise and guide children to make sure they use technology correctly and responsibly. In this regard, the Best Schools in Spain have been working on digitalization plans for years, providing teachers and students alike with constant training on how to use new technologies correctly and all the possibilities appearing every day.

Therefore, talent management must be based, on the one hand, on the child’s interest and, on the other hand, on training and regular practise to develop it. The child’s environment, the resources available to them and, most importantly, a guide that respects their learning pace and times are key in this process.

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