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Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make. And with good reason, since choosing the right centre for our children will to a great extent determine what kind of educational training they will receive, as well as the circle of friends they’ll have during their adolescence.


Which school should I choose?

When choosing the best school for our children, we must first begin by considering our child’s individual personality and specific needs. The decision must be based upon the evaluation of each child and each family’s particular situation, since no standard solution that works for everyone exists. A school that may be the right choice for one child may be completely unsuitable for another. It’s important to study each case individually in order to be able to choose the best school possible for each individual student.

Depending on our values and educational priorities, it’s best to choose the school whose educational curriculum best adapts to what we desire for our family: the importance of languages, the curriculum, focus on technology and innovation, the size of the school, is it a religious or lay school, etc. Logistical aspects are also very important: location and distance from home, logistical facilities, timetables, price, complementary and extracurricular activities, etc. With all of this information in mind, we must analyze the options at hand and begin to differentiate between options, taking into account all of the fundamental elements to be considered.

Within this list of main requirements desired by parents whose children attend a Best Schools in Spain school, we’ve outlined the main criteria to look for when choosing the best centre for your child.


Pillars and ideology

In order to choose an educational centre we must be aware of the ideology and pillars upon which each school is founded. In this way, we can evaluate to what degree we are in agreement with said values and ideology: educational excellence, global preparation, education in values, social commitment, respect and tolerance, responsibility and hard work, critical and creative thinking, self improvement, etc. The pillars and foundations of each school reflect and define what sort of educational process is carried out in that specific centre. Knowing and understanding these concepts and sharing a belief in them helps create a greater synergy between the education received at school as well as at home.


Educational options

Another important thing to consider is the educational curriculum our child’s studies will be defined by. There is a great amount of diversity and specialisation in this respect offered by the schools at Best Schools in Spain, including Spanish, British, and international curricula. The choice a parent makes depends upon the needs and preferences of their child. The same idea applies to languages. Currently, there’s no doubt that English language education is of utmost importance during a child’s educational years. The difference can be found in how language education is imparted: whether it’s taught separately or it’s effectively integrated into the educational model. Other available options also come into play here, such as the inclusion of other languages ​​(aside from Spanish and English) as vehicular languages ​​in educational training throughout all academic stages. Such options include French, German and Chinese.


Extracurricular activities

Additionally, being informed about the extracurricular offering provided by each school can also help us when it comes time to choose the right centre for our children. These offerings include extracurricular activities, international events, exchanges abroad, summer camps, etc. These are elements that complement a student’s educational experience and can help us better understand what kind of educational offering a school provides and if it fits our needs.

The facilities and services offered by each centre are elements of considerable importance. These aspects can influence our decision making process and include the integration of sport in educational programming, as well as the services offered by schools to parents and students such as, extended hours, dining services, routes, school services, materials, cafeteria services, and school stationery.


Lastly, it’s extremely important to arrange a visit to your preferred schools a way to get to know the centres and educational staff, and in turn will help you in your decision making process. Choosing the right school for your child is a very important decision to make. It requires a variety of information on the available options at hand, as well as an analysis and prioritisation of the child’s specific needs in order to find them the best school possible.


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