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We find ourselves at an inflection point at which the concept of teaching is changing at a rapid pace and yet is not moving in any clear direction. Schools these days make an effort to offer quality education to their students, but this is not an easy task. That being said, when we search for examples of the most innovative schools in Spain, they all share the same variable: they all count on creative teachers.


Creativity: extremely valued skill in the professional world

After decades of focusing on language education, schools have now begun to dedicate their efforts towards the training and development of their students’ creative skills. Creativity is an innate quality that all human beings possess, and is an especially powerful ability we possess when we are young. However, in many cases, educational systems in countries prevent schools from achieving this objective. Nowadays, the main goal of educational systems is to strengthen students’ creative capacities during their Primary, Secondary and High School education. Due to this, we must pay close attention to two essential factors: educational planning and our teachers.

As a way to strengthen the creative capacity amongst students, schools should strive to generate a creative environment, one in which projects, evaluations, exams, and presentations are assessed on their creative quality, as well as their critical thought factor. In order to do this, we must first teach our students to think differently. To achieve this, we must encourage a methodological change that provides different types of teaching, all of which permit students to learn and solve problems in different ways. On the other hand, we must also provide students with the correct tools to help them take on these new challenges. Graphic organisers, working in teams, and design thinking can all motivate students to approach learning in a more creative way. In the end, creativity is what results when trying to find solutions for everyday problems.


Creative competence in teachers

It is, without a doubt, difficult to teach something if you don’t have a good command of it. For this reason, if a teacher doesn’t develop their creative side, they won’t be able to inspire creativity in their own students. An innovative school, therefore, has to count on creative and inquisitive teachers, ones who challenge their students and surprise even themselves. These schools need teachers who take on their their own projects and carry them out within the school environment and with the support of the administration. They need teachers who are restless, who are constantly recycling ideas and visiting other schools to become more aware of the latest international educational trends.

These two factors are essential for a school to be considered innovative, and in both cases, the school’s administration is responsible for their existence. A school’s administrative team must also be innovative, creative and nonconformist, yet at the same time humble enough to accept the fact that there is always room for improvment.



Educational innovation in Spanish schools

In Spain, educational innovation also means focusing on a more personalised learning experience. More and more these days, it is common that students carry out tasks and projects that are more aligned with their level of competence and knowledge. Schools are adapting more than ever to the level of learning appropriate for their students, and soon we will see that more optative subjects will be offered to help students to furthermore develop their strongest skills.

The most innovative centres in Spain, showcased on Best Schools in Spain, develop educational models that are fully dedicated to their students and their educational experience. If we are truly focused on offering students the best educational experience of their lives, it’s not enough to only teach them mere content and competencies. Happiness and fun have started to become indispensible elements in educational planning. A close relationship and mutual understanding among teachers and students are critical factors as well. The active participation of families in school life also strenghtens the feeling of belonging and community. Additionally, collaboration with local businesses introduces a new vision that promotes a connection between education and society.

Best Schools in Spain’s schools are also innovative in their management processes, offering the most modern, competitive and adapaptable institutions. The improved communication, the selection of personnel, the close attention paid to families and the digitilisation of schools all help professionalise the teaching sector and indirectly improve the quality of teaching and level of educational excellence.


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