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The students of our schools are digital natives who have not experienced life or education without technology. Consequently, we believe that it is of the utmost importance that 21st century students learn about technology and robotics. Through these subjects and tools, they acquire the skills they need both now and in the future. Likewise, while they learn they also discover, develop and establish spaces that strengthen their digital skills.

These are the goals we pursue and work on from the very first years of education by using Bee-Bots and iPads at the Best Schools in Spain. In this way, we introduce students to increasingly complicated devices, allowing them to eventually construct and program their own robots using a motherboard at the Secondary or Baccalaureate level. 

By implanting technology in the educational environment, the classroom becomes a dynamic and innovative space where we can gain and keep students’ attention with a variety of resources that spark their curiosity and, therefore, engage them and increase their concentration. This makes learning easier: it is fun and students can put their skills into practise and investigate.  At the same time, they gain more autonomy and confidence in their own abilities, in turn making them more independent and confident as individuals.

Transmedia learning

The use of computer equipment in all areas of knowledge — with a particular emphasis on practising programming, robotics and 3D printing — encourages students to develop skills that are essential in today’s world. This is why the Best Schools in Spain have spaces equipped with the very best resources, allowing students to regularly use computer equipment.

We know that all students learn at their own pace, and we can make this process more flexible by introducing technology into the classroom. This allows us to adapt to the individual needs of each student, respecting their own learning pace and encouraging their personal talents.

The use of technology also strengthens students’ self-esteem and encourages team work. The children feel they are part of a team project and celebrate what they have achieved together as a result of cooperating and sharing their knowledge, experiences and ideas. We believe that these digital capabilities are key to developing other fundamental skills for life in the 21st century, such as searching for information, analysing and solving the problems faced by society. 

The use of technology in the classroom meets the ever-increasing demands of a constantly changing labour market where technology has come to play a leading role, creating the need for constant update. This makes it virtually inconceivable to turn our backs on this demand: by introducing and using technology in the classroom, we ensure our students are better prepared to take on the challenges of the future.

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The benefits of using robotics in the classroom

Our experience in the classroom shows us that educational robotics encourages natural exploration. Through fun learning, students develop their curiosity and become more creative, always participating actively in the classroom. For this reason, we are convinced that we must take advantage of the benefits of robotics from an early age, allowing students to understand and accept technology as something natural that is part of their routine and assimilate it easily.

Another great advantage is that, thanks to the use of technology, students are introduced to computational thinking, which is aimed at solving big problems by breaking them down into smaller challenges that are easier to solve.

Beyond traditional methods, using technology in the classroom develops students’ interest in professional disciplines such as engineering, architecture, science, mathematics and technological design. The classroom becomes a space for experimentation where students have the chance to investigate a whole realm of possibilities, thus fostering their entrepreneurial spirit.

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