New learning methods based on traditional values | BSS

By being at the forefront of our students’ education, we provide them with the necessary tools so that they can become citizens ready to face the new challenges of the 21st century, without forgetting the values which will enable them to make the most appropriate decisions to transform the world into a better place.

To do this, the BSS (Best Schools in Spain) centres have integrated several features into their educational model aimed at meeting those objectives.

Those schools have transformed their curricula, methodologies and exams so that students can learn to overcome the challenges that they will encounter throughout their life after their school years.


The work environment at our schools

The work environment at our schools has been carefully designed so that the spaces, technological infrastructure (innovation and high quality), materials and tools have significantly improved learning within unbeatable surroundings.

All of this is combined with the teachers’ commitment to the project in terms of ongoing training and by participating and collaborating in different types of content in an interdisciplinary way.

The teachers’ efforts are essential so that, through scientific method activities, they can create their own work programmes which seek to foster critical spirit and logical reasoning aimed at developing our students’ talent and creativity. Therefore, our students become active players in their learning process, encouraging them to take initiatives and make decisions.


Students’ personal development

As a result of our collaborative teaching, through work groups which capitalise on our students’ diversity, we have increased performance since it is based on the students’ belief in their own enormous possibilities and on their interest in learning.

By designing activity-based educational projects fostered by project-based learning (PBL), design thinking and service learning, we have created our own style.

As part of the smart schools idea, which has been developed especially as a result of the STEAM classrooms, engineering, physics, art, mathematics, information research and search, exposure to multiple languages and, lastly, work dissemination have been combined into a single workspace so that students can feel that they are in charge of their own learning and be proud of their efforts.

Moreover, manipulative activities are essential since the best way to achieve meaningful learning is through practice, applying the knowledge acquired previously that will connect students to the real world. To do this, our students work in science laboratories and carry out scheduled activities which will stimulate their curiosity and enable them to resolve their everyday problems.


Values education

The tutorial activity focuses on personally accompanying students and providing them with values education.

On one hand, students, the focus of our educational activity, are accompanied in their unique and specific personal growth process. We listen to them, we help them and we offer them the necessary tools so that they can enhance their personal curiosity through a positive and unforgettable experience. Our schools have become a place of reference for students.

In this way, learning takes root within the students’ context, thus creating a sense of belonging to the school.

On the other hand, the Tutorial Action Plan is structured through values education. Students work with major civic and personal aspects to shore up their education, thus laying the foundations for their future.

Above all, BSS schools want our students to be good people, committed to the world they live in and to their creative and revitalising energy so that they can make their environment a better place.

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