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Private and international schools in Alicante

International schools in Alicante

We offer you two options so you can choose the best international private school in Alicante, a city in the region of Valencia with more than 3,000 years of history and a rich culture that gives you the chance to discover some really unique places.

Currently, this city is privileged with a wide variety of clubs for those who want to play sports such as padel, tennis, golf and water sports. What’s more, it was the starting point of the last Ocean Race and is home to the Casa Mediterráneo, an institution created to spread knowledge of Spain and other Mediterranean countries. In addition, the European Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market is based in the city hall.

Committed to international quality in education

We guarantee a quality education in Alicante. Our aim is to give students the best learning methods and tools to ensure they receive an excellent academic education. We give each student personalised attention so they can reach their full potential.

We offer you the best schools in Alicante, which provide excellent teaching based on educational projects that optimise students’ learning by adapting to their needs and monitoring them on an individual basis. We are committed to quality and make sure that all students at our private school in Alicante receive the education they need for their learning.


Our private schools in Alicante have qualified teachers who pass on their enthusiasm for learning to students, which means they show a great interest in acquiring knowledge and carrying out their activities with effort and enthusiasm.


Responsibility, a quality that our schools transmit to their students, is an essential value to ensure they learn to act intelligently, with the right attitude for each situation and making the necessary effort to overcome any difficulties that arise when they try to reach their goals.

Cooperation and tolerance

Cooperation is key for students’ development. This is why we promote teamwork, which improves academic performance, the acquisition of knowledge, interaction with classmates and empathy. In addition, tolerance is an essential value in society and our teachers pass this on to their students, who learn to live with people from different cultures or religions and with different opinions.

Innovation in our international private schools

The facilities at our private schools in Alicante are equipped with safe and ergonomic furniture and have optimum temperature and humidity conditions, a sound system and appropriate light levels so students can focus on learning.

Technology and innovation for learning

Our centres are equipped with the best technology and are committed to continuous innovation to improve learning. They have IT equipment such as cutting-edge computers or tablets, top-end sound equipment and interactive teaching materials. Nonetheless, the most important aspect is to teach students how to use this technology properly and responsibly and make the most of these digital possibilities.

Learning spaces

Technology has become an important aid in our classrooms as it allows us to identify problems and solutions more quickly, helps us better analyse complex situations and prepares students for the world of work. Centres from the Best Schools in Spain network are committed to digitalization plans and to providing an education that is closely related to technology.

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