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International private Schools in Barcelona

Find the best international private school in Barcelona for your children, where they will be able to benefit from a great cultural richness, as this city is home to historic architectural buildings such as the Sagrada Familia, Casa Milá, Parque Güell or the Gothic Quarter.

This city invites you to lose yourself in the architecture of its streets and to develop the most artistic and creative facets, thanks to the inspiration we find in its magical corners. It offers a wide range of extracurricular activities such as water sports, golf or tennis, and has the most renowned music and dance schools.


Quality education in Barcelona

We guarantee quality teaching in Barcelona, as we have the best professionals and the most complete teaching tools to provide our students with the knowledge they need, through the most effective and reliable methods for learning.

The teaching staff of our centres have a great educational responsibility, and for this reason, in addition to providing the students with knowledge, they transmit important values that also contribute to their personal growth.

We put at your disposal the best educational centre that offers an education of excellence in Barcelona, based on actions that allow your students to be properly trained, adjusting to their needs and providing them with personalised attention. We acquire a commitment to quality and verify that each student at our private school in Barcelona receives the teaching they need to learn.


  • Enthusiasm

    Our students are taught with enthusiasm, so that their enthusiasm for learning is maximum, through great teaching methods and activities developed by experts.


  • Responsibility

    Responsibility is one of the values that acquires greater consideration in the educational process, since students must learn to get involved in their studies and tasks, being aware that they must put effort and maintain a positive attitude, which will allow them to reach their goals.


  • Cooperation and tolerance

    Cooperation is key for the development of the student, therefore we promote teamwork, which improves academic performance, the acquisition of knowledge, interaction with peers and empathy. In addition, tolerance is an essential value in society, and our teachers pass it on to their students, who learn to live with people of different cultures, religions and opinions.


Extensive facilities in our international private schools in Barcelona

The facilities of our private schools in Barcelona offer spaces with adequate levels of lighting, acoustics, temperature and humidity, as well as ergonomic and safe furniture, so we encourage students to focus their attention on learning.


Technology and innovation for learning

We continuously update our computer equipment and didactic material, taking full advantage of the new era of technology and innovation for learning.

We invest in technology and innovation for learning, providing our centre with high-end technological equipment, innovative sound systems and didactic material visualization projectors. Technology has become a support within our classrooms, enabling problems and solutions to be identified more quickly and helping to perform better analysis in complex situations. The Best Schools in Spain are committed to teaching linked to technology with training responsible for its use.