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Private schools in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of cultural, artistic and architectural treasures and enjoys a pleasant climate year-round. What’s more, it also offers a range of top-quality educational options. Below you can find a list of private schools in Barcelona that offer guaranteed quality thanks to the excellent education they provide. These centres are well prepared to welcome international students due to their commitment to personalised attention and internationalisation, in addition to their linguistic immersion programmes.

Centres from the Best Schools in Spain network in Barcelona have smartly designed, innovative educational spaces to maximise students’ learning, ensure their well-being, help them concentrate and allow them to take full advantage of technology. These centres offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, with a strong focus on foreign languages and sports.


How many hours of English class do students have at bilingual BSS schools in Barcelona?

All bilingual schools teach English as a foreign language, natural science and some other subjects in English, accounting for 30% of teaching hours

How do BSS schools develop their institutional educational project?

The management team must follow these steps to design an institutional educational project:

  • Analyse the context: both the kind of families and urban characteristics.
  • Examine the school’s institutional identity: discover and define the organisation and its philosophy; in other words, its identity.
  • Detect any significant problems that could arise and develop solutions.
  • Set the objectives or goals that the school wants to achieve.
  • Develop an action plan to reach these goals.
  • Constantly evaluate this project and apply any necessary changes or improvements.

The institution or school’s management team defines the project based on its values, mission and values.

What innovative methodologies do teachers use at BSS schools in Barcelona?

A wide variety of innovative methods are used at centres belonging to the Best Schools in Spain (BSS) network, including:

  • Flipped classroom
  • Cooperative learning
  • Project-based learning (PBL)
  • Problem-based learning
  • Gamification
  • Design thinking (DT)
  • Thinking-based learning
  • Skill-based learning

What is the average number of students per class at BSS schools?

The number of students or student-teacher ratio at BSS schools is one of their most distinguishing features. There are normally no more than 20 or 25 students per class depending on the educational level. There is a high ratio of specialised teachers to students at private schools.

What is the philosophy of BSS schools?

The philosophy of BSS schools is characterised by innovation, academic excellence, personalised teaching, plurilingualism, international programmes, a comprehensive education, skill-based learning and citizenship education.

How do BSS schools use technology?

BSS schools incorporate robotics, programming and artificial intelligence activities, to name but a few, into learning right from the start of schooling. What’s more, some schools create makerspaces and STEAM classrooms so students can develop their digital skills by working as a team.

BSS schools believe that the most important aspect of digitalization is supporting our students and teaching them how to use technology properly and safely. That’s why we provide training sessions on cybersecurity, data protection, the right to privacy, fake news and social media.


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