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Private and international schools in Las Palmas

International schools in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Let us tell you about the advantages of choosing a private international school for your children in Las Palmas, the capital of the Canary Islands where there is an ideal climate all year round, making it the perfect spot for water sports such as windsurfing or sailing. You can also enjoy spectacular scenery in natural areas such as the Pico de las Nieves or the stunning beaches and cliffs.

Cultural activities are another big pull for the students of our private schools as they can enrich themselves with visits to the Cathedral, the Elder Museum or the Casa de Colón, in addition to many other nearby attractions.

We provide a quality education in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with the best teachers and learning methodologies to ensure your children acquire the necessary knowledge in each stage of schooling.

Value education

Our private schools in Las Palmas offer all stages of schooling for students between 0 and 18 years of age. We adapt to the needs of each student, offering different options depending on their interests, as well as teaching in their language of choice.

The values of these private schools in Las Palmas demonstrate the quality of our educational projects, which are based on integrity and respect for other members of society.

We offer you the best schools in Las Palmas, which provide an excellent education that optimises students’ learning by adapting to their needs and providing them with personalised attention. We are committed to quality and make sure that all students at our private schools in Las Palmas receive the education they need for their learning.


The enthusiasm that our teachers pass on to students awakens their interest in and thirst for learning, essential aspects to ensure that they get good academic results and enjoy their education.


The responsibility that our students acquire allows them to understand the value of making an effort to reach their goals. We value their achievements so they keep their resolve and encourage them to develop their skills and competencies.

Cooperation and tolerance

Cooperation is key for students’ development. This is why we promote teamwork, which improves academic performance, the acquisition of knowledge, interaction with classmates and empathy. In addition, tolerance is an essential value in society and our teachers pass this on to their students, who learn to live with people from different cultures or religions and with different opinions.

Facilities at our schools in Las Palmas

The facilities at our schools in Las Palmas are designed to help students concentrate and maximise their learning with safe and ergonomic furniture, perfect temperature and humidity conditions for each classroom and an adequate sound and lighting system. We offer different learning spaces depending on the subject such as the laboratory, art room, music classroom, technology classroom, sports facilities and outdoor areas.

Technology and innovation for learning

We invest in technology and innovation for learning and provide our centres with high-end technological equipment, innovative sound systems and projectors to display teaching materials. Technology has become an important aid in our classrooms for students and teachers alike. They use it daily to analyse, find solutions and practise using new tools. Centres from the Best Schools in Spain network are committed to providing an education that is closely related to technology and to training students to use these tools responsibly.

Advanced facilities at our international private schools

Our private schools in Las Palmas have magnificent facilities, with ergonomic, safe and high-quality furniture and equipment that helps make sure that students can focus on learning.

Technology and innovation for learning

We invest in technology and innovation for learning so that each student has the materials they need to grow academically, with sophisticated IT equipment and advanced teaching resources.

Learning spaces

We have various learning spaces that have all the necessary materials and are designed to teach the subjects included in our education system.

Advanced facilities in our international private schools

We offer you great features in the facilities of our private schools in Las Palmas, such as ergonomics, safety and the high quality of our furniture and equipment, which help students focus their attention on the studio.

Technology and innovation for learning

We invest in technology and innovation for learning, so that each student will have the necessary material, enjoying sophisticated computer equipment and advanced didactic material.

Spaces for learning

We have different spaces for learning, equipped with the necessary material, and oriented to impart the various subjects of our teaching system.

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