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International private Schools in Las Palmas

There are many advantages of choosing an international private school for your children in Las Palmas, the capital of the Canary Islands, which offers a perfect climate all year round, allowing you to practice water sports such as Windsurfing or sailing, enjoy its natural beauty spots such as Pico de las Nieves, or incredible beaches and cliffs.

The cultural offer is another great attraction for the students of our private schools, since they will be able to enrich themselves with visits to the Cathedral, the Elder Museum or the Columbus House among many other points of interest of the archipelago.

We provide quality teaching in Las Palmas, with the best teachers and learning techniques so that your children acquire the necessary knowledge at each stage of their school development.

Teaching in values

The educational offer of our private schools in Las Palmas includes ages from 0 months to 18 years old. We adapt to the needs of each student, offering different options depending on whether you need a day centre or boarding school, or teaching in several languages according to your preferences.

The values of our private schools in Las Palmas demonstrate the quality of our teaching, which is governed by integrity and respect for the people with whom we live in our society.

We put at your disposal the best educational centre that offers an education of “excellence” in Las Palmas, based on actions that allow its students to be properly trained, adjusting to their needs and providing them with personalised attention. We acquire a commitment to quality and verify that each student at our private school in Las Palmas receives the “teaching” they need to learn.

  • Enthusiasm

    The enthusiasm that our educators transmit to each student, awakens in them interest and illusion to learn, fundamental aspects to obtain good results in their studies and to achieve that they enjoy the teaching.

  • Responsibility

    The responsibility that our students acquire thanks to our didactic methods makes it possible for them to understand the value of striving to achieve their objectives. We value their achievements so that they maintain their perseverance and promote the development of their skills and knowledge.

  • Cooperation and tolerance

    Cooperation is key for the development of the student, therefore we promote teamwork, which improves academic performance, the acquisition of knowledge, interaction with peers and empathy. In addition, tolerance is an essential value in society, and our teachers pass it on to their students, who learn to live with people of different cultures, religions and opinions.


Facilities in our school in Las Palmas

The facilities of our private schools in Las Palmas are designed to allow students to concentrate and facilitate their learning, with ergonomic and safe furniture, magnificent temperature and humidity conditions suitable for each classroom, and an adequate sound and lighting system. We offer different learning spaces depending on the subject, such as science laboratory classrooms, music room, technology room, sports facilities and outdoor areas.

 Technology and innovation for learning

We invest in technology and innovation for learning, providing our centre with high-end technological equipment, innovative sound systems and didactic material visualization projectors. Technology has become a support within our classrooms, allowing problems and solutions to be identified more quickly and helping to perform better analysis in complex situations. The Best Schools in Spain are committed to teaching linked to technology with training responsible for its use.

Advanced facilities in our international private schools

We offer you great features in the facilities of our private schools in Las Palmas, such as ergonomics, safety and the high quality of our furniture and equipment, which help students focus their attention on the studio.

Technology and innovation for learning

We invest in technology and innovation for learning, so that each student will have the necessary material, enjoying sophisticated computer equipment and advanced didactic material.

Spaces for learning

We have different spaces for learning, equipped with the necessary material, and oriented to impart the various subjects of our teaching system.