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International private Schools in Madrid

We provide quality education in Madrid, your children will receive personalized attention and adapted to your needs, managing to rekindle their interest and enthusiasm for learning with different educational methods and didactic tools created by experts, always obtaining satisfactory results.

Choose from our list, the best international private school in Madrid, where your children can enrich themselves with a great cultural offer thanks to its important museums and art centres, prestigious dance and performing arts schools, large universities and music conservatories, an enormous variety of historic buildings from which to enrich themselves culturally and different parks and natural spaces.

Madrid offers sporting activities such as horse-riding, paddle tennis, golf or skiing, and time for leisure, with the possibility of attending the best musicals, plays and concerts.

As the headquarters of important national and international companies, it becomes a city full of opportunities and with an excellent communications network, with the best airports, public transport network and roads.


Excellence in education in our international private centres

The facilities of our private schools in Madrid include sophisticated equipment and unbeatable ergonomic and safety features for the furniture of the classrooms, as well as perfect environmental conditions, seeking the welfare of students.

We offer teaching in different languages, and according to your needs, various types of residences, such as day centres, boarding schools or family accommodation.

We contribute to building a better society thanks to the values of our private schools in Madrid, based on integrity and respect, we are committed to an education based on values.

We put at your disposal the best educational centre that offers an education of “excellence” in Madrid, based on actions that allow its students to be properly trained, adjusting to their needs and providing them with personalised attention. We acquire a commitment to quality and verify that each student of our private school in Madrid receives the “teaching” needed for their learning.


  • Enthusiasm

    The enthusiasm for teaching of the teachers of our private schools in Madrid translates into the enthusiasm for learning of our students, because we awaken in them the illusion of acquiring new knowledge and we teach them to learn with ingenious and effective methods.


  • Responsibility

    Teaching the value of responsibility makes students learn the magnitude of their actions, learning to maintain an appropriate attitude in each situation, and to strive and be constant when it comes to achieving their goals.


  • Cooperation and tolerance

    Cooperation is key for the development of the student, therefore we promote teamwork, which improves academic performance, the acquisition of knowledge, interaction with peers and empathy. In addition, tolerance is an essential value in society, and our teachers pass it on to their students, who learn to live with people of different cultures, religions and opinions.


Technology and innovation for learning


We invest in technology and innovation for learning, providing our centre with high-end technological equipment, innovative sound systems and didactic material visualization projectors. Technology has become a support within our classrooms, allowing problems and solutions to be identified more quickly and helping to perform better analysis in complex situations. The Best Schools in Spain are committed to teaching linked to technology with training responsible for its use.

Spaces for learning


The best private schools in Madrid have learning spaces designed by specialists, giving each subject or activity a specific classroom with the ideal teaching material.