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Private schools in Madrid

Private centres from the Best Schools in Spain network in Madrid have a prestigious reputation thanks to their ample experience, provide top-quality teaching and are at the forefront of educational innovation. They are well prepared to educate international students as their teachers and professionals go to great lengths to provide students with personalised attention and adapt to their individual needs, helping spark their interest in and love for learning.

At these schools, the facilities and spaces are designed to optimize students’ integral development, based on pedagogical and neuroscientific criteria that improve students’ concentration and encourage individual and group work. The responsible use of technology, foreign languages and sports play a key role in the educational projects and wide range of extracurricular activities offered at these schools.


Which subjects are taught in English at bilingual BSS schools in Madrid?

The Bilingual Programme begins in the first year of primary education. In this way, it is gradually introduced at all other levels over the years until it also reaches the following educational stages.

Different bilingual schools teach different subjects in English and they account for 30 – 50% of teaching hours.

Between three and five 45-minute sessions are taught in English during the second cycle of pre-primary education (3 to 6 years old).

In primary education, English, physical education, art and natural science are usually taught in the English language.

In secondary education, students have five hours of English class per week and at least one of the following subjects is taught in this language: physical education, plastic and visual arts, music, technology or ethical values, as well as any other specific optional subjects or those established by the various Autonomous Communities.

Natural science, technology, biology, geography and history are often offered in English during secondary education.

In summary, any subject except for maths, Spanish language and literature and a second foreign language may be taught in English if there is a qualified teacher available at the school.

What is the institutional educational project of BSS schools?

This is a school’s hallmark and encompasses a wide variety of characteristics such as whether the centre is laic or religious, if particular importance is placed on personalised teaching-learning, or whether it is a public, private or charter school, as well as other aspects like diversity, foreign languages, sports, technology. Overall, a school’s institutional educational project reflects the mission, values, vision and profile of both its students and teachers.

What innovative methodologies are used at BSS schools in Madrid?

A wide variety of innovative methods are used at centres belonging to the Best Schools in Spain (BSS) network. The most suitable option is chosen based on the students’ age, the subject and the project. Here are some examples:

  • Flipped classroom
  • Cooperative learning
  • Project-based learning (PBL)
  • Problem-based learning
  • Gamification
  • Design thinking (DT)
  • Thinking-based learning
  • Skill-based learning

What is the average maximum number of students per class at BSS schools?

The number of students or student-teacher ratio at BSS schools is one of their most distinguishing features. There are normally no more than 20 or 25 students per class, although this figure differs and depends on the educational level. There is a high ratio of specialised teachers to students at private schools.

What characterises the philosophy of BSS institutions?

The philosophy of BSS schools is characterised by innovation, academic excellence, personalised teaching, plurilingualism, international programmes, a comprehensive education, skill-based learning and citizenship education.

How is technology used at BSS schools?

Technology is at the service of education. It is not a goal, but rather a means to improve learning. Not all schools use it in the same way as this depends on the specific educational project.

BSS centres are at the forefront of educational technology and are often the first to adopt it in the classroom. Our schools always prioritise students’ human development and teach them how to use technology responsibly.


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