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Private international school in Pontevedra

International school in Pontevedra

Our private international school provides a quality education in Pontevedra, boosting students’ passion for learning with exceptional teaching methods that are developed by specialists and focused on innovative trends in pedagogy to ensure excellent academic results.

We offer the best private school for your children in Pontevedra, a city in northern Spain by the Atlantic Ocean with a long history that can still be seen today in the typical Galician manor houses known as pazos, monuments, buildings and an interesting old town.

It will be a great experience for students from our private school in Pontevedra to enjoy the amazing landscapes, estuaries in the Rias Baixas area, prestigious art schools, conservatories, naval clubs and various golf courses, in addition to a varied local cuisine with exquisite seafood.

Committed to innovation in private and international education

We offer teaching in different languages with native teachers, in addition to a wide variety of extracurricular and sporting activities.

Our private school in Pontevedra has outstanding facilities that are ergonomic and safe. Each classroom is equipped with a climate control system that ensures perfect temperature and humidity conditions, in addition to lighting and sound levels, so students can focus on learning.

We offer you the best school in Pontevedra, which provides excellent teaching based on an educational project that optimises students’ learning by adapting to their needs and providing them with personalised attention. We are committed to quality and make sure that all students at our private school in Pontevedra receive the education they need to ensure their academic development.

Technology and innovation for learning

We have exclusive IT equipment with the most comprehensive teaching tools for each subject, and we incorporate the latest advances in technology and innovation for learning.

We invest in technological resources for education and provide our centre with high-end technological equipment, innovative sound systems and projectors to display teaching materials. For years, we have been working on digitalization plans that give students the knowledge and skills they need to adapt to technological transformations. Centres from the Best Schools in Spain network are committed to providing an education that is closely related to technology and to training students to use these tools responsibly.


Learning spaces

Within our private school there are several learning spaces that are specially designed and created for specific subjects such as laboratories, art rooms, workshops, an auditorium, a technology classroom or indoor and outdoor sports areas.

Value education

As proof of the quality of our educational model, the values of our private school in Pontevedra also play an important role, encouraging students to develop the qualities they need to become upstanding citizens that respect all other members of society.


At the best private school in Pontevedra, our teachers pass on their enthusiasm for knowledge and learning to students, motivating them with educational tools and techniques that stimulate the development of skills and get them interested in learning.


Responsibility is a value that is related to effort and determination. Consequently, we teach students the importance of persevering and persisting with their actions to reach their goals.

Cooperation and tolerance

Cooperation is key for students’ development. This is why we promote teamwork, which improves academic performance, the acquisition of knowledge, interaction with classmates and empathy. In addition, tolerance is an essential value in society and our teachers pass this on to their students, who learn to live with people from different cultures or religions and with different opinions.

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