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In Spain, there are three types of schools that are categorized according to the nature of their financial management: public, charter and private. Every parent seeks the best educational option for their child, based upon their own particular economic conditions and possibilities. That being said, making a decision about your child’s enrolment in a school doesn’t only depend exclusively on the amount of money that parents are able to invest in their child’s education. In this article we discuss the different factors involved in private education in Spain:

Private schools in Spain have autonomy over the management and (within the limits set by the Government) decision-making process regarding their centre’s academic curriculum. This freedom is what allows private schools to create dynamic methodological, technological and pedagogical projects. This is in addition to effecting educational changes that allow their students to experience a well rounded, 21st century educational development, which is one of the main objectives of the schools at Best Schools in Spain.


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Modern day educational changes begin with a strong investment in technology, which is something that is taken very seriously at our private schools. This includes investments in iPads, devices used as work tools for teachers, investments in computers for the creation of school content, iPads used in the everyday lives of students, a powerful wifi network, televisions, projectors in classrooms, and so on.

The careful selection of teaching staff also creates a huge advantage for schools. Yes, it’s true that public school teachers have to take public examinations and once they have passed these exams, teachers are able to guarantee a certain level of skill that considers them to be suitable educators. In private school education, school directors have the freedom to select their teaching staff, in addition to making yearly adjustments their desired teacher profile, which in the end is a factor that really adds up. Being able to choose a teacher’s background, their digital competence and their versatility, helps to create a professional, cohesive team that is ready to work along the same lines as those defined by the parameters of the school’s educational programming.


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In addition, teachers have the possibility to receive ongoing training enabling them to grow as experts in new technologies and active methodologies. These opportunities include special courses, teaching conventions, postgraduate courses, symposiums, possibilities to visit other schools, and more. Any teacher can request additional training and their proposal will be evaluated. Investment in the professional faculty growth is considered an essential factor in the private school system.

At private schools, normally the student to teacher ratio is lower than in public schools, a fact that guarantees a more personalized education as well as a more precise monitoring of each student’s personal evolution. Students and the families of students who attend a Best Schools in Spain school always find they receive the attention they need. This can include attention received at their own request, at the request of the school, information exchanged at parent-teacher meetings as well as other academic interventions.

The facilities at private centres are also another factor that deserve highlighting. It is quite common that when you visit a private school you will find that the school has its own pool, football field, basketball court, climbing wall, athletic tracks, tennis court, paddle tennis facilities, and so on. This is before even mentioning the classrooms, which are spacious, bright, adapted to the latest technologies and always designed to optimize your child’s learning in the best way possible.


The internationalization of private schools

Another aspect we must call attention to is the internationalization of education that is offered by private centres. This trend allows students develop the tools they will need to face a globalized future with responsibility, expertise, respect, resolve and a strong work ethic. This system favours the full development of competences in each of our students. This concept doesn’t merely apply to learning a foreign language, or bilingualism; it refers to understanding and accepting the diversity that defines the world we live in.

As for students from other countries, our private schools truly value ​​their admission into the academic community because they bring with them a cultural richness that gives other students the chance to get to know other customs and beliefs. Students are additionally able to develop the important values ​​of respect, tolerance, and empathy, all of which are fundamental pillars in our educational program. Foreign students are accompanied during their admission process and adaptation programs are also offered when needed to facilitate their seamless integration into our centres, an element that distinguishes the private school offering from the rest.

All of these advantages are more difficult to find at a public school. Although public schools have the capacity to create new, globalising educational projects and count on the work great professionals, public schools are limited on an administrative level, oftentimes due to the lack of economic and personal endowments and/or due to the imposition of specific organizations, among other examples. Private schools, among which the schools at Best Schools in Spain Schools stand out, are able to work without any limitations, and in this way are able to be continuously creative and always be on top of the trends that respond to the future needs of their students.


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