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Private and international school in Toledo

International school in Toledo

Choose the best private international school for your children in Toledo, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre with an extensive, varied and rich history thanks to the many civilizations that have made it their home.

Toledo invites the students of our private school to culturally enrich themselves with its monuments and charming historic centre. It also has unique natural landscapes where they can connect with nature. Students also have the chance to play a whole host of sports such as golf, padel or tennis in its magnificent sports centres.

The value of a quality international education

The values of our private school in Toledo are based on respect and integrity and aim to develop academically excellent students with personal qualities that help improve society.

Our school in Toledo offers all stages of schooling from 1 to 18 years of age, as well as teaching in several languages and boarding options to meet all students’ needs.

We offer you the best school in Toledo, which provides an excellent education based on methodologies that optimise students’ learning by adapting to their needs and providing them with personalised attention. We are committed to quality and make sure that all students at our private school in Toledo receive the education they need for their learning.


Using the best educational techniques, we awaken students’ enthusiasm for learning which, in turn, leads to excellent academic results.


In our school, we teach students the value of responsibility so that they understand the importance of perseverance and effort to reach their goals.

Cooperation and tolerance

Cooperation is key for students’ development. This is why we promote teamwork, which improves academic performance, the acquisition of knowledge, interaction with classmates and empathy. In addition, tolerance is an essential value in society and our teachers pass this on to their students, who learn to live with people from different cultures or religions and with different opinions.

A space for learning

We guarantee an ergonomic and safe environment for students in order to ensure their well-being and allow them to focus on learning thanks to the magnificent facilities at our private school in Toledo.

Technology and innovation for learning

We invest in technology and innovation for learning and provide our schools with high-end technological equipment, innovative sound systems and projectors to display teaching materials. Technology has become an important aid in our classrooms as it allows us to identify problems and solutions more quickly and helps us better analyse complex situations. Centres from the Best Schools in Spain network are committed to providing an education that is closely related to technology and to training students to use these tools responsibly.

Learning spaces

We have fully equipped learning spaces, with specific music rooms, laboratories, and events room, indoor and outdoor sports areas, and much more.

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