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Private international schools in Zaragoza

International schools in Zaragoza

We offer you the best private international school in Zaragoza, where your children will receive the best academic education and will also have the chance to culturally enrich themselves thanks to the many attractions of this amazing city.

Zaragoza, capital of the region of Aragón, is ideally located and has an unbeatable transport network. The city’s history-filled streets and major monuments will give students yet another opportunity to expand their knowledge.

It is home to large libraries and documentation centres, and is also a nerve centre for both Spanish and international companies, which is an amazing opportunity in terms of students’ future careers.

Educational excellence in Zaragoza

Our top priority is to provide a high-quality education in Zaragoza. To help us do so, we have the help of education experts that develop teaching activities and methodologies to optimise students’ learning, motivating and encouraging their enthusiasm and interest in discovering new things.

One of our teachers’ key roles is to transmit the values of our private school in Zaragoza, which allows us to educate upstanding citizens with admirable personal qualities.


In order to boost students’ learning, we need to pass on our own enthusiasm for learning so they are motivated to take on new activities and expand their knowledge.


The responsibility that our students acquire throughout their schooling makes them realise the importance of perseverance and determination to reach their goals.

Cooperation and tolerance

We teach students the value of cooperation and encourage our students to work together to reach common goals set by our teachers, in order to prepare them for a globalised world.

Quality in education


We offer you the best school in Zaragoza, which provides excellent teaching based on a quality educational project and a team of professionals that identify students’ needs and provide them with personalised attention. We are committed to excellence and make sure that all students at our private school in Zaragoza receive the education they need for their development.

Technology and innovation for learning

We offer an education that is adapted to the new era. That is why we go to great efforts to invest in technology and innovation for learning so that all students have access to the most sophisticated IT and teaching materials.

We invest in technology and innovation for learning and provide our centres with high-end technological equipment, innovative sound systems and projectors to display teaching materials. Technology has become an important aid in our classrooms as it allows us to identify problems and solutions more quickly and helps us better analyse complex situations. Centres from the Best Schools in Spain network are committed to providing an education that is closely related to technology and to training students to use these tools responsibly.

Learning spaces

The facilities at our private school in Zaragoza are fully equipped and have all the materials necessary to provide students with a quality education. We have ergonomic furniture designed by education specialists, and have an unbeatable security and climate control system to ensure students’ well-being.

The learning spaces at our private school in Zaragoza have been specially created for each subject and include music classrooms, an events room, laboratories, sports centres and extensive garden areas for breaktime.

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