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Information and communications technologies (ICT) are currently creating new professional paths and, therefore, the new profiles that 21st-century society both wants and needs. Consequently, the labour market is now evolving at a dizzying pace. In fact, many professions that exist today were inconceivable just a few years ago, as will be the case with the jobs of the future that we currently cannot even imagine.

These new professions that are emerging, as well as those that are yet to be discovered, require competent professionals that are more than able to adapt. The current labour market is changeable with constant technological improvements, and innovation is the order of the day.

For this reason, at the Best Schools in Spain we go to a great effort to continually adapt the educational model applied in the classroom to the Digital Era. The future of education is following a new path based on technological advances. We are living in a time where digitalized classrooms are a reality, as we aim to train young people to be perfectly capable of facing up to these new and unknown challenges that will inevitably accompany the rapid evolution of technology.

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Jobs of the Digital Era

In this context, we are witnessing the impending transformation of traditional jobs, influenced by online media. From emerging professions such as community managers or big data analysts, to all jobs that will become obsolete or even disappear given the threat posed by the implementation of new technologies.

In light of these changes, education must adapt and focus on new learning methods that allow students to optimise their skills. In other words, we must simulate real situations and work environments in classrooms so that students know how to react and can eventually master them. Likewise, we must train teachers so that they can carry out these simulations optimally and bring out the best in each individual student.

We aim to ensure that the younger generations can use what they learn at the Best Schools in Spain to develop academically, professionally and personally, so that they are able to face up to an uncertain future threatened by imminent work automation.

To do so, we must offer students a cross-cutting education to help them develop soft skills, which until recently were not a priority in teaching. These skills allow students to strengthen their critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills, as well as the ability to adapt to constant change.

We do not yet know what jobs our students will do in the future. At the Best Schools in Spain, we prepare and teach students to face up to uncertainty, whereas education has traditionally focused on dealing with what we already know. For this reason, students should be encouraged to develop this new knowledge and abilities from a young age. By acquiring these skills, they will be independent later on in life. Furthermore, this educational model will ensure students are not only successful in their professional lives, but also grow personally.

How do we transfer this theory to the classroom?

Educating the coming generations for the unknown is no mean feat, but the Best Schools in Spain agree that the most important aspect is to educate them for success. Technology and well-being are the foundations of future education and, thanks to these pillars, students will be able to take on a labour market that changes, just like life itself, at a dizzying speed, and they must be well prepared for this.

Additionally, it is important to remember that schools do not just need to evolve in terms of methodologies. The educational environment must also transform at the same pace as the world around us. In other words, the concept of real life must be applied in the classroom, and this space must become a learning environment that meets the needs of students and strengthens the adaptation, cooperation, responsibility and social interaction skills of each potential professional.

The Best Schools in Spain are determined to make the most of the opportunities provided by new technologies in education as this means integrating Digital Era tools into the classroom, which will give students the skills the labour market did not need in the past but now demands. This all creates the need to develop a cross-cutting educational model that moves away from the current one, which is so inflexible and rigid. We are talking about an education that prepares students for real life and the daily situations they will face in the near future.

In conclusion, educating children for an uncertain future is the main challenge faced by the teaching professionals of our schools, always considering the aspects we have mentioned to ensure our students’ professional and personal success.

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