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There are a number of characteristics and refining elements that international schools possess, which ultimately serve as the determining factor for families when choosing to send their children to an international centre. One of these defining features is the multicultural foundation, permeating throughout the educational community, that promotes an education that embraces equality, diversity and inclusion.

Students at International Schools graduate with a very complete profile. These students are able to effectively communicate in multiple languages, work in team situations, use and control new technologies, and possess a level of maturity for their age that allows them to live and work in a global society.

The academic curricula that these students possess is distinguished among others due to the amount of extracurricular activities that students are provided with as a way to enhance the value of their experience. As in other international exchange programs, trimestral study in European international schools provides students with opportunities to partake in European research programs, in addition to top-quality art, music, dance and sport activities. All of this, combined with the value-based education they receive, grants students with a personal identity that not only opens doors to the best universities in Spain and throughout the world, but also prepares them to successfully take on an ever-changing and diverse society.


Language learning and certification

Superb language training is a common feature offered in all international centres, providing students with the possibility to obtain linguistic competence certification throughout the different stages of their education. In addition, students can be certified with internationally recognised degrees, such as those granted by the University of Cambridge, The French Alliance, the Cervantes Institute, among others.

Language learning also includes attaining knowledge about other cultures, and in this way students are able to develop a valuable global vision while studying in a multicultural environment. For this reason, international schools offer all the means necessary in order to provide students with opportunities to participate in a great number of programs in other centres and universities around the world. These opportunities can include different study abroad programs as well as research programs and educational internship exchanges, among other options. All of these opportunities open many doors for future higher education possibilities at an international level.

Some international schools work jointly as coordinators and as partners in the European Union Erasmus Program, which provides both students and teachers with truly enriching experiences that ultimately add incomparable value to their personal curricula.


A profound commitment to educational innovation

International schools are forever concerned with being at the vanguard of education. In order to achieve this goal, representatives travel to the the best educational centres around the world with the objective of learning the most successful methodologies first hand. They then in turn, adapt and implement this new knowledge within their centres. As a consequence, these schools make a qualitative leap, not only regarding technology but also in their educational methodologies.

In this new global context, the teaching and learning of social skills, as well as education in the management of emotional intelligence, are both topics that carry a lot of weight in our educational programs. Because of this, each and every student is guaranteed the possibility to properly develop in an enriched and varied setting.

It is our conviction that each student is unique and deserves a personalised educational experience. For this reason, our schools have worked hard to provide quality education and stay committed to helping children and young people be part of a community, keep an open mind, and to lead in projects that can change and improve the world around them.


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