Brains International School Las Palmas and Telde

Colegio internacional Alauda Córdoba

Basic Information

Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Canarias.


  • Las Palmas: 0 – 12 years old.
  • Telde: 12 – 18 years old.

Student’s residence: Day school.

Curriculum: Spanish curriculum (bilingual in English).

More information

Language of instruction: English and Spanish.

Other languages: German and French.

Extracurricular activities: CD Colegio Brains Basketball, Judo School, Music School, UCMAS, Robotix, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Language Room.

Sports: Basketball, Athletics, Football, American Football, Volleyball, Hockey, Baseball, Rugby.

Summer / Holiday camps: Yes.


+34 928 296 444 (Las Palmas) y +34 928 694 257 (Telde)

Las Palmas: Paseo Tomás Morales 111, 35004 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Telde: Camino Angostura 2, 35213 La Pardilla


More than 35 years ago, Brains Institution was founded with the main objective of educating passionate, creative people, who have control of their own life, that are balanced, socially involved, who inspire change and with a global mentality in order to revitalize the world.

At our schools (three in the capital and two in Gran Canarias) we educate upstanding and competent students, who are able to react to change with confidence and security and who take pride in having been educated with us.

Brains Method combines the International Education Model, Multiple Intelligence and our Sensorial Development Programme in order to offer a comprehensive and successful education. This method is revised and adapted to the new needs annually, and is based on five pillars: multilingual education focused on 4 languages, encouragement of daily sport practice, innovation applied to education, unique academic education and values education in social and emotional competences.

Our students grow in a multilingual environment, in which they use English with equal fluency, as naturally and with the same knowledge of vocabulary as in Spanish, and with a high level in German and French.

We encourage the use of technology, promoting innovation applied to education. Our students follow the “One to One” Model from Primary Year 5 onward, in which the iPad replaces the use of books as the main learning tool, and so they use personal content elaborated by the Innovation Department of Brains Group.

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