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Brains International School María Lombillo

Madrid, Spain

Personalised education based on our 5 building blocks: values, international education, sport, innovation and a unique academic education where the students are in charge of their own learning.


Spanish curriculum (bilingual in English) and International Baccalaureate


Orgaz: 5 months – 5 years old
María Lombillo: 5 – 16 years old

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Extracurricular activities

  • CD Colegio Brains Basketball
  • Judo School
  • Music School
  • Ballet
  • Funky
  • Drama Workshop in English: Interacting
  • Chess
  • Kumon
  • Robotics Club
  • Educachef


ORGAZ (from 5 months of age to 5 years of age)

Brains Conde de Orgaz is unique. Our international curriculum is 100% in English, helping our students to acquire a level of fluency in English which is comparable to a native speaker in richness of vocabulary or expression as easily as learning to walk. From the age of 3 we also introduce French and German.

Learning through movement is essential in all stages (both at psychomotor level and for body expression and creativity), for this reason, one of the functional pillars of the Brains Method is the encouragement of sport practice and the acquisition of healthy routines from an early age through Psychomotricity lessons as well as swimming lessons at our heated pool with first level specialised teachers.


MARIA LOMBILLO (from 5 to 16 years of age)

Brains María Lombillo (in the Arturo Soria area) is a school applying to teach PYP (Primary Years Programme). Our international curriculum allows us to educate students that learn while being the main part of their learning.

Our Brains Method is based on five main pillars: internationality, encouragement of daily sport practice, values education (Emotional and Social Competences Development Programme ‘Brains Values’) and a unique academic formation in which our teachers create the content, which helps our students improve the knowledge and use of the technology that they have used inherently, getting them to think, create and question in a thorough and motivational way. In this way, we educate students who are ready to take on any challenge with an open and global mentality.

All our Secondary students have allocated places at Brains International School La Moraleja, where they will be able to choose in between studying National Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate (IB).

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María Lombillo

Calle María Lombillo 5, 28027 Madrid

+34 917 421 060


Calle Frascuelo 2, 28043 Madrid

+34 913 889 355


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