Escuela Ideo

Ideo School

Basic Information

Location: Madrid.

Age: 2 – 18 years old.

Student’s residence: Day school.

Curriculum: Spanish curriculum.

More information

Language of instruction: Spanish.

Other languages: English, French and Chinese.

Extracurricular activities: Chess, Robotics, Teacher, Little chefs, Parkour, Baby Rock, Rock Star, Taekwondo, Dance, Skating, Circus, Snack and Play, Football (soccer), Basketball, Gymnastics, Multisports.

Sports: Football (soccer), Basketball, Gymnastics, Multisports.

Summer / Holiday camps: Yes


+34 917 523 343 | +34 629 446 486

Carretera de Colmenar a Alcobendas, km 0,500, 28049 Madrid.


Escuela IDEO defines itself as a plural, secular, multilingual, sustainable, integrating and inclusive educational centre which has also been conceived as a life project. Its main objective is to contribute to a change in traditional paradigms of education, by establishing a new model that helps bring back the focus on student’s autonomy and that eventually aims to form critical, autonomous, flexible and creative individuals.

The new and innovative educational approaches adopted at Ideo favour the formation of active citizens, who value social cohesion and sustainability as fundamental axes, and also help achieve personal fulfillment.

Above all, we seek an education that forms happy, healthy, conscientious and supportive people in our global society. Citizens who are attentive to the reality that they experience in order to interpret it and who finally help build a better, fairer and more beautiful world.

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