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Escuela IDEO

Madrid, Spain

We develop an educational project humanizing and enhancing skills, generating meaningful learning. We work through experiential and cooperative pedagogies through projects.


• Spanish
• International baccalaureate


1 – 18 years old

Student’s residence

Day school






Daily Physical Education

Bicicletadas (Bike Rides)




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Extracurricular activities

  • Bilingual Cycling Academy
  • Multi-Sports: Team sports (rugby, hockey, basketball and football), as well as individual sports (athletics and badminton) 
  • Basketball Academy
  • Football Academy
  • Volleyball Academy
  • Parkour
  • Skating Club
  • Dance Lessons
  • Self-defence for Beginners / Taekwondo
  • Chess Club
  • Art Workshop
  • Drama
  • Science Workshop
  • Robotics
  • Music School (Spanish guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, bass, percussion and singing), Music Theory, Music Therapy, Harmony, Musical Ensembles, Piano and Drums


At ‘Escuela Ideo’ we develop an Educational Project aimed to 1 year olds up until Bachillerato (National & International), as well as Ciclos Formativos, enhancing personal and social skills whilst generating a meaningful learning. 

We work through experiential and cooperative pedagogies based on projects so that our students are at the centre of their own learning, acquiring the right knowledge, abilities and morals.

We not only encourage daily physical exercise and healthy eating habits, but also provide our students with daily English lessons and improve their artistic expression through music, drama and art; languages all these which strengthen their creativity, emotional education and full development.

Our premises boast such a privileged natural environment: forest, Nature Study Centre, organic garden, etc. The building has geothermal and bioclimatic air conditioning, in line with those values on environmental sustainability we truly believe in.

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+34 917 523 343



Carretera de Colmenar a Alcobendas, km 0,500, 28049 Madrid

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