Colegio internacional Liceo Sorolla

Colegio internacional Liceo Sorolla Madrid

Basic Information

Location: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.

Age: 2 – 18 years old.

Student’s residence: Day.

Curriculum: Spanish (English Bilingual) and International Baccalaureate.

More information

Language of instruction: English and Spanish.

Other languages: French.

Extracurricular activities: Chinese, German, Chess, Robotics, Ballet, Music, Theatre, Mini Chef, Flamenco.

Sports: Football, Basketball, Karate, Skating, Handball, Swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Summer/Holiday Camps: Yes


+34 913 512 345

Avda. Bularas 4, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.


An Innovative School with more than 50 years of Tradition

The Liceo Sorolla from Pozuelo de Alarcón is one of the best bilingual schools in Madrid. More than 5,000 students have studied at our school over the course of fifty-two years of history. We are an educational and professional benchmark, capable of reinventing ourselves year after year to offer an education of the highest quality and adapted to the needs of our students.

We are an innovative and creative school that promotes open training based on Neuroscience. The visionary character of our management team promotes a culture of change and continuous improvement. We were pioneers in the implementation of Cooperative Learning in Spain, unknown a decade ago, and we have Thematic Classrooms in all primary courses. In addition, we promote Multiple Intelligence, Thinking Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship and Public Speaking programs.

We are a bilingual school that relies on native teachers. In 3 and 4 years old infants we teach 100% of the day in English, 50% in primary and 20% in secondary and high school. In addition, we offer International Baccalaureate®. We also have exchanges with schools in England, Ireland, the United States and France. Every summer we also offer the possibility to travel to the USA and Canada.

On the other hand, we consider ourselves a 21st century school, which offers the latest technological resources to its students, while at the same time developing its own technological curriculum. We offer programming and robotics from pre-school through high school, promoting STEAM skills throughout their academic lives.

Our students practice all kinds of sports. Our goal is not to create champions, but to get everyone to find the sport they like most. The objective is to introduce sport activity in their lives in a permanent way. We offer 4 days of Physical Education, one of which is swimming (from Primary Education). Our 12,500 meters of indoor and outdoor facilities are the perfect space to enhance your passion for sport.

The program of education in values is developed through sport, promoting fundamental aspects in the formation of the students, such as effort, companionship, sacrifice, responsibility, respect, etc.

Academic excellence is one of our fundamental pillars, reaching an average mark of notable high in the University Entrance Examinations and 100% passed. In the last 10 years our students have reached 9 times the top 30 of the 210 centers in PAU.

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