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Complejo Educativo Mas Camarena-International School

Bétera, Valencia, Spain

Private, co-ed and multilingual school. From Infant to Baccalaureate and Vocational Education Training.They have been characterized for their innovative educational project, with active and technological teachings.


Spanish curriculum (bilingual in English) and International Baccalaureate


4 months – 18 years old

Student’s residence

Day and boarding school











Football (soccer)



Ballet and Spanish Dance

Martial Arts


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Extracurricular activities

Arts and Craft, Music and all the instruments, Elementary and Professional Music Center, Lego Educations, Speech and Comunication, Magic Club, Maths Club, Teather, Tarihuela Nature Center.


Mas Camarena Education Centre is a multilingual private Centre, founded in September 1997; as the result of more than 55 years of experience dedicated to teaching.

Over the years Mas Camarena has become one of the best schools in Spain, not only because of its high academic performance but also for the importance it gives to teaching values and the high level of teacher implication.

In the last six years Mas Camarena has achieved the highest grade in the University Entrance Exams in the Valencia Region.

Our aim is to achieve the highest quality of education, using educational innovation with the best teaching, methodological and technological resources, specialized and dedicated professionals, and fully equipped installations for our students and families.

Our school follows the Spanish curriculum, with teaching in English, Spanish and Valenciano, and the International Baccalaureate Programs and working with values such as effort, determination and respect, our students develop their capacities in a trusting and supportive atmosphere.

In September 2012 we opened the Complejo Preuniversitario Mas Camarena, our Preuniversity campus, where we teach Baccalaureate, Vocational Courses, Sports Coaching Courses and a Language Centre.

In September 2018 we will open the International Student Halls of Residence: a sport, residential and leisure complex for international students. The resort offers turf football fields, running and athletics tracks, basketball courts, paddle and tennis pitches, and a swimming pool. It also has a range of facilities for students: double and single rooms, study room, recreation lounge, dining room and cafeteria, barbecue, swimming pool … All of these surrounded by beautiful gardens.

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+34 961 687 535



Urbanización Mas Camarena, 46117 Bétera, Valencia

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