Mirabal International School

Mirabal International School

Basic Information

Location: Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

Age: 0 – 18 years old.

Student’s residence: Day school.

Curriculum: Spanish curriculum (bilingual in english) and International Baccalaureate.

More information

Language of instruction: English and Spanish.

Other languages: German and French.

Extracurricular activities: Robotics, chinesse, Rolling,  football, basket, swimming, running, dance, chess, karate, tennis, theatre, piano, guitar, accordion, transverse flute, fiddle, cello, viola, sax, drums, electric guitar.

Sports: Football (soccer), basket, swimming, karate, tennis, running, volleyball, dance, chess.

Summer / Holiday camps: Yes.




+34 916 331 711

Calle Monte Almenara, s/n, 28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid.


Situated in an outstanding natural setting, the Mirabal group has excellent facilities at the service in an innovative educational project. Laboratories and classrooms incorporate technology designed to aid interactive and practical learning.

Mirabal International School began in 1982 running programs from 1 to 18 years and is currently one of the best-regarded schools in the country, with excellent academic results. Our students may attend elementary and middle school in a bilingual program, and choose national, International Baccalaureate or double-honors program in high school. Our services include opportunities for Cambridge certification in English or Business Studies, music from its official music school or an immense range of extra-curricular activities, guidance counsel, transport services and school doctor.

Our official music school certifies students for conservatory studies.

Sports and games are some of the best educational tools, providing students with life skills, teambuilding, fair play and respect for rules among them.

Our international students are completely integrated with local students. They are helped to adapt to national programs by tutors and student mentors.

In Mirabal, we are committed to the integral education of our students, promoting values such as independence, tolerance, responsibility (diligence, generosity, honour), cooperation and solidarity.

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