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Nuestra Señora Santa María School

Madrid, Spain

Private, non-religious school (2-18 year old) located in Madrid. Our three pillars are: a highly qualified teaching staff, an outstanding teacher-student ratio, and an education focused on knowledge acquisition as well as personal values.


Spanish curriculum


2 – 18 years old

Student’s residence

Day school









Football (soccer)



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Extracurricular activities

Judo, Chess, Dance, Pianno, Theater, Art Academy, Kitchen workshops.


Education for what truly matters

A school with a great history and special personality, founded in 1954 as one of the first secular schools in Spain, and perfect for pupils of other nationalities, thanks to its personalized learning.

Small class sizes of around twenty pupils, and its highly-qualified, stable and motivated teaching staff, are key to the excellent results obtained by the pupils in all types of official exams, including internationally-recognized language qualifications. Indeed, every single pupìl graduating from the school in the second year of baccalaureate (pre-university year) last academic year succesfully passed their official Spanish university access exams.

Mention must also be made to the positive atmosphere felt around the school, thanks surely to the culture of effort and companionship reinforced through all activities.

In addition to obtaining good qualifications and building pupils’ knowledge, the school places an important emphasis on instilling its pupils with creativity and sensitivity through art, music and dance. Sport is also promoted as an important part of personal and social development.

The school also runs the dual baccalaureate program, recognized by American universities, and starts French and German second foreign language classes in primary.

We also offer school lunches prepared on site, a heated indoor swimming pool, and several bus routes.

Logo Santa María

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+34 913 883 202



Ronda de Sobradiel, 80, 28043 Madrid

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