St. Peter's International School

Internationall School St. Peter's School

Basic Information

Location: Barcelona, Catalonia (Catalunya).

Age: 12 months – 18 years.

Student’s residence: Day.

Curriculum: International 

More information

Language of instruction: English and Spanish.

Other languages: Catalan, French and Chinese.

Extracurricular Activities: Sports, Arts, Piano, Modern Dance, Chinese, English, Spanish, Homework Club.

Sports: Swimming, Judo, Table Tennis, Football, Volleyball, and Basketball.

Summer/Holiday Camp: Yes.


+34 932 043 612

Carrer d’Eduard Toldrà, 18, 08034 Barcelona.


St. Peter’s School was founded in 1964. Our Educational Program is an inclusive, student-centered model. We work on the acquisition of personal and academic skills that allow students to continue learning throughout their lives.

In the initial stage of child development we promote the participation of families with the program First Steps, in which we carry out workshops and joint activities.

When they are more advanced in the infantile stage (Stage of Foundation), the curiosity of the child is promoted as a form of learning and we call it Curious Children. It is the children’s questions that design and develop their own learning.

In Primary School, there is an evolution towards Project Based Learning, an adaptation of the British IPC (Internal on Primary Curriculum). It is a global approach to all areas of knowledge, promoting research and exploration.

Once they have reached secondary school, more specialised subjects are introduced and the student prepares for various national and international examinations. In addition, areas such as STEM and SCOPE are developed so that they can demonstrate their ability to debate, speak in public, solve problems and be prepared for the challenges of life to come.

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