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The immense power of the Spanish language and its increasing importance around the world should be the driving force for the development of Spanish-speaking countries to such an extent that it contributes, both directly and indirectly, to higher GDP in the countries which invest in it at the right, due to Spanish language opportunities throughout the world.

The direct wealth generated by a country when it brings out the value of its own language, provided that it is widely spoken around the world, is indisputable. This has been the case for many years in the English-speaking countries, which have known how to make English the most spoken language in the world by non-natives. They have achieved this by creating need, which has forced citizens everywhere to learn English. Consequently, they have attracted millions of students to their schools and universities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

This language commitment has generated continuous foreign exchange inflows for English-speaking countries while fostering a constant movement of people who have not only become attached to the language but also to the culture, creating many mixed nationality families.

The number of people around the world travelling to English-speaking countries to learn English is not comparable to those travelling to Spanish-speaking countries to learn Spanish. Therefore, it is obvious that the Spanish language has not followed the same successful path as English. Nevertheless, the progress of the Spanish language indicates that there is a change in the trend as well as opportunities. The Spanish language is a real gem which can be the leading economic, educational and cultural driving force.

Spanish is a language for students and professionals

Spanish is currently the world’s second-most spoken mother language (behind Mandarin Chinese and ahead of English) and the world’s third-most known and used by people in their daily life. The United States, with over 41 million Spanish speakers, has become the leading non-Spanish speaking country in terms of people who speak Spanish. Consequently, the American continent has become an immense market which will clearly play a decisive role in the progress of such a globalised world.

The Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports carries out major educational activities in 27 countries, cooperating with local institutions, and has 1,252 professionals teaching Spanish and other subjects in Spanish to over 40,000 students. Instituto Cervantes currently does superb work and, at its centres throughout the world, thousands of people learn Spanish.

There are also initiatives from private and public universities aimed at bringing out the value of studying at universities in Spain. The work carried out by SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education) since 2015 has been especially important in higher education since it provides a good image of the Spanish university education system.

The path to success of the Spanish language

There is much work to be done. When we see the presence of British, German, French and Italian institutes and schools around the world, we notice that Spain does not have a large presence, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. In those areas, where students are English speakers, we have identified the need to learn Spanish and, therefore, there is an opportunity for the Spanish language.

The Spanish education model is not the world’s most popular since, although it has a large academic level, many of its educational international activities located in Spain are not well known. Nevertheless, the Spanish lifestyle does have a great reputation and is the “envy” of many people.

Spain has magnificent schools throughout the country; all those which form part of the Best Schools in Spain are the best option for taking in students and providing them with quality education. Spain has a very updated education model which progresses towards internationalisation in which Spanish plays an active role, in line with English and with the high academic level. Studying in Spain will be of great help to students so that, in the future, they will be able to skilfully decide on their university education and, above all, it will give them the possibility of adapting more easily to the society in which they have to live after their international experience and learning a language on the rise.

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