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Wellbeing is a state of calmness and a general feeling of satisfaction. It involves being in good shape both physically and mentally. A student that achieves a good level of wellbeing is a happy, dedicated student that learns in accordance with their capabilities, is motivated and enjoys their relationships with others.

What factors influence wellbeing? Many studies report that a good diet, regular exercise and sufficient sleep, as well as striking a balance between our responsibilities (studies, extracurricular activities, etc) and leisure time, are some of the factors that contribute to living a full life. It also helps to have a social network with positive personal relationships and the ability to manage emotions, or to practise mindfulness and gratitude.

Although wellbeing may appear to be a rather generic or abstract concept, we can see that there are many specific and feasible factors that we can use to change, feel better and take on the challenges we face in our daily lives.

Consequently, it is of the utmost importance that schools are aware of this reality and have the tools to offer students the support they need.

In a report in 2019, the World Health Organization highlighted the importance of boosting initiatives that aim to improve mental health due to the significant increase in cases of anxiety and depression, in addition to other mental health problems, in recent years. Mental health problems often originate in childhood or adolescence.

Student wellbeing, an objective of the Best Schools in Spain

Students are undeniably the main focus in educational centres. Therefore, the Best Schools in Spain aim to offer an increasingly personalized and quality education. Student wellbeing is one of our central pillars, and this is even more apparent in the current situation marked by COVID-19.

Our schools are putting all their efforts into:

  • Strengthening emotional skills focused on leading a fulfilled life.
  • Training teachers so they have the tools they need to get more involved in mental health.
  • Closely monitoring students in more sensitive emotional and/or academic situations.
  • Empathising with students in the process of adapting to the current circumstances.
  • Working closely with families to understand the individual situation of each student.

At this time, schools must be flexible and adapt to students’ needs. Although the emotional and personal development of students was also fundamental before the pandemic, our schools are currently increasing awareness of the importance of student wellbeing.

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