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The start of this year in many areas of Spain was marked by storm Filomena and the abundant snowfall it left in its wake, the likes of which had not been seen for decades in the centre of the peninsula. As a result of this natural phenomenon, hundreds of thousands of children could not return to school as planned due to mobility problems in cities, which had few resources to deal with this unusual snowfall.

Education, however, did not stop and most institutions knew how to use technology to continue with the planned curriculum. The experience gained during the months of lockdown was of great help in the task of learning with remote classes.


The digitalisation of educational institutions is a reality that first emerged a few years ago, but was driven forward at great speed due to the circumstances resulting from COVID-19. In 2018, the media already reported on the European Commission’s efforts to boost digitalisation in academic centres. The Best Schools in Spain — which have been implementing and investing in digitalisation plans, as well as training for teachers on new technologies, for some time — were able to adapt to this new panorama much more quickly and keep up with the planned learning pace, providing an optimal experience.

The digitization of educational institutions is a reality that, although it began a few years ago, has been driven at great speed by the circumstances of COVID-19.

From a teaching point of view, we have been working on programmes to make the learning process more entertaining through games and other gamification activities for years. Moreover, the rise of e-learning since midway through the past decade also played an important role. This progress made it possible to manage remote learning without committing any typical beginners’ mistakes.

Tools and baggage

The most commonly used tools during the months when students could not physically attend school allowed them to connect to classes via videoconference or carry out group work, which is an important aspect to ensure students can socialise with their classmates while they are learning and are in direct contact with their teachers.

This digital immersion experienced by the students of the Best Schools in Spain also has an undeniable advantage for those in their final years of schooling: knowledge in the use of tools for project management, document organisation, etc., will undoubtedly help young people integrate into employment and their professional lives much more easily.

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