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Nowadays, education can only be understood from an international perspective. The design of the learning experience in terms of its purposes, approaches, projects, activities, subjects and contents should be directed towards a connected world that is constantly changing and transforming. Experiences in other parts of the world and plurilingual education must be incorporated as essential parts of students’ schooling.

Education goes beyond the bounds of the classroom. Students grow personally, academically and professionally in multicultural contexts, scenarios where they collaborate with and compete against young people from the world over. International education contributes to a student’s integral development both as a person and as a future citizen of the world, which is why this is a priority focus for the Best Schools in Spain.

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International education at the Best Schools in Spain

International education is a learning experience that always has a positive effect on the development of a student’s intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills, giving them an international dimension that is essential in all contexts of their present and future life.

This international calling comes to life through both stays at foreign schools and the implementation of international programmes at schools in this country, as well as collaboration with other supranational entities and universities.

The aim of all these programmes is for students to learn and master English, Spanish and other languages, as well as to naturally discover a country’s culture. The schedule revolves around language and classes are organised by levels to help students make quicker progress, depending on their pace and individual needs. At the Best Schools in Spain, the individual monitoring and adaptation of each student is guaranteed thanks to the work of our teachers.

Benefits of the international educational experience for students

These unforgettable experiences allow students to become more mature, develop their self-esteem, learn how to adapt to other environments, discover another culture, improve their language skills and make more and new friends of different nationalities from different cultures, which obviously enriches their personal and academic growth.

The internationalisation of education is not so much linked to qualifications as to activities, which allow students to develop and strengthen their abilities, skills and values that make them aware they are part of the world and play a leading role in its transformation. However, this learning experience does not stop when students return home.

Exchange programmes between schools in different countries improve students’ linguistic proficiency, as well as their cultural and social skills. These experiences allow students to discover new strengths and abilities, overcome new challenges, solve new problems, come up against completely unfamiliar situations and learn to adapt and react to them. 

An international educational experience makes students adapt to and learn in a new environment. Students gain skills such as will, independence, dynamism and creativity. Furthermore, they also have the opportunity to develop personal skills out of their comfort zone, and learn to act more independently and responsibly.

Facing everyday challenges in another country helps students to develop personally, mainly in terms of their sense of independence, their ability to adapt and the way they take on challenges and problems. Therefore, this represents a very special opportunity for school-age children’s learning and maturation process.

Language immersion and cultural enrichment

The best way to learn a language just like a native speaker is to incorporate it into our daily routine and practise not only in the classroom but also with the rest of society. Students that take part in an international educational experience are immersed in a language, allowing them to learn the most common local expressions and turns of phrase.

The Best Schools in Spain are the best prepared in the country to welcome foreign students. Their educational project allows international students to learn Spanish and English, as well as to begin learning or polishing other languages.

Moreover, these schools are at the cutting edge of education and are leaders in Spain, not only giving students the chance to learn Spanish — the second most spoken mother tongue in the world and one of the most sought after in a globalised labour market — but also offering a top-quality education with an international perspective.

Discovering other cultures broadens students’ horizons and makes them rethink their understandings and prejudices of cultural, social, political and economic aspects.

An international educational experience incorporates cultural diversity into education. At the Best Schools in Spain, we work with students on empathy, respect, tolerance and coexistence with other cultures and their differences. The skills developed as a result of an international education improve and increase a student’s personal and educational value, as well as their professional future and social involvement.

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