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Music and expressive arts play a key role in children’s integral development. Not only do they provide enormous cognitive and personal benefits, but they also strengthen communication skills. Dance and other artistic disciplines stimulate the senses while helping children develop their physical strength, imagination and creativity.

Centres from the Best Schools in Spain (BSS) network that offer this type of Spanish Baccalaureate place great importance on dance and music in their educational project, with integrated music centres and comprehensive art, dance and public speaking programmes. Some of our centres are even Official Music Conservatoires that teach all educational stages from pre-primary to baccalaureate, including the prestigious International Baccalaureate.

“We believe that students should gain the artistic awareness they need to apply aesthetic criteria, which enrich them on a personal level.”

Patricia Bernabé, visual arts and technical drawing teacher at BSS

BSS schools place great importance on students’ artistic creations. They hold many exhibitions and invite students to take part in interventions throughout schools, turning them into a kind of contemporary gallery.

When students activate their creativity, even if they do so with just a pencil and piece of paper, this can be extrapolated to any other school activity. In this regard, we encourage our students to let their creativity run wild at our schools, overcoming creative block by consciously using tools and materials that stimulate them to come up with ideas, strategies and solutions to a number of issues in a variety of subjects and situations.

At BSS, we encourage students to adopt a creative attitude towards life

In our classrooms, we have high-level professionals with years of experience training young artists. The majority of them also work actively in the world of performing arts and can therefore provide real and relevant experience.

This type of Spanish Baccalaureate, which includes a maximum of 10 hours of art disciplines per week, provides students with top-quality tools to perform confidently on a stage, in a TV studio or on a film set.

Some BSS centres are pioneers in this type of Spanish Baccalaureate and have developed a top-quality international programme that aims to provide an integral education and bring out students’ inner artist with subjects such as singing, drama, rhythm, theatre performance, musical genres or dance. With the “critical text analysis” subject taught in this programme, students gain an open mindset and become caring, informed individuals that are thirsty for knowledge.

In short, this type of Spanish Baccalaureate opens up a wide range of skills and responsibilities that go far beyond mere academic success.

Benefits of studying the Spanish Baccalaureate in Music and Performing Arts

The Spanish Baccalaureate in Music and Performing Arts is the ideal choice for students that enjoy art, are creative and imaginative and have good communication and social skills, as well as an aesthetic vision.

Baccalaureate in Music and Performing Arts

According to a study by the World Economic Forum, in 2030 over half of the jobs that currently exist will be done by robots. Companies’ demands are moving towards specialised and creative profiles. Therefore, if students study artistic disciplines through the Spanish Baccalaureate in Performing Arts, they have two paths into university with either artistic or social science degrees. Studying theatre or musical performance opens up many doors in a student’s professional future.

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