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The Best Schools in Spain (BSS) are a group of leading, highly prestigious educational centres in Spain due to their extensive experience, exceptional academic results and efforts to stay at the forefront of educational and technological innovations from all over the world. Their commitment to continually improving and implementing new methodologies in the classroom makes them top-quality schools. Without a doubt, the Best Schools in Spain are an example of educational excellence.

Over twenty of the Best Schools in Spain have participated in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) PISA for Schools study, which evaluates these centres alongside other schools in both Spain and other OECD countries, on up to three occasions. The results were spectacular and showed that their students’ academic level was far above the average for Spanish schools, and even of centres in other OECD countries such as Finland, Canada, Japan or Korea. The Best Schools in Spain have consolidated their position amongst the international educational elite.

In addition to the Spanish curriculum, the majority of the Best Schools in Spain offer a wide variety of international programmes such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the British syllabus (GCSEs and A Levels). Consequently, the schools are used to welcoming foreign students on a regular basis and are the best prepared in Spain to provide educational programmes adapted to their individual needs. Their team of teaching and guidance professionals gives each child and youngster the support they need to make progress with their learning or improve their Spanish language skills.

Furthermore, most of the BSS participate in international educational projects or have exchange programmes that allow their students to study in another country for a fixed period of time. All of these factors give young people the chance to learn new languages and, therefore, increase their study options and job opportunities in the future.

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Technology and digitalization plans in the schools

These educational institutions are leaders at the cutting edge of innovation, technology, school architecture and modernity. The Best Schools in Spain are well known for implementing innovation-based educational projects and, therefore, they focus on using technology in teaching on a daily basis, helping students to learn naturally.

The Best Schools in Spain invest, research and adapt their plans to our changing world. In this sense, digitalisation in the classroom has been a fundamental pillar of our educational programmes for many years now. These institutions provide teachers and students alike with continual training on new technologies. At the same time, they are given the resources they need and are taught how to use existing platforms and tools that improve and facilitate learning, regardless of the circumstances.

They have had to put this training into practise as a result of the health emergency caused by COVID-19. The Spanish Government has had to take extraordinary measures to control the illness, such as closing schools. The Best Schools in Spain jumped into action to adjust their methodology to online learning, an experience has that has been very positive so far. Students are able to continue with their lessons as usual, making progress with virtual classes and communicating with their teachers daily. This success would not have been possible without the digitalisation plans present in all of the Best Schools in Spain.

Education in values and student well-being

Our schools have demanding standards when looking for highly qualified teaching staff to provide each student with a personalised education, thereby allowing them to obtain excellent exam results. Teachers also make sure that they stimulate and motivate students to reach their full potential, find their own voice and discover their passions. They also aim to teach them values such as respect, team spirit, teamwork, equality and modesty, which are not only necessary for their academic pursuits, but also in their personal lives.

The Best Schools in Spain are equipped with modern facilities and many have accommodation to house students from all over the world. In other cases, the schools provide help finding suitable families to take in international students and offer them a secure environment, routine and cultural experiences that enrich their academic stay in Spain and help them discover local traditions.

The schools are aware of the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle, which is why they have a variety of facilities designed to encourage students to be active. In this context, not only do the schools include physical activity in the school day, but they also offer a wide variety of extracurricular sports activities including football, basketball, ballet, judo and swimming, to name but a few.

The Best Schools in Spain are also characterised for the many awards they have received from both national and international organisms over the years. For example, some schools have received the Excellence in Education or British International School Awards. These achievements are the fruits of their efforts to reach and maintain excellent educational standards, and confirm their position among the best schools in the country.

The Best Schools in Spain have an excellent academic record, are pioneers in educational innovation and focus on developing and strengthening students’ learning and skills to increase their academic, employment and personal opportunities. Studying at one of these leading schools worldwide is a guarantee for both students and their parents that they are receiving the best education available in Spain.

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