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In light of the Spanish government’s contingency plan that includes the closure of school facilities to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country, the Best Schools in Spain’s experience with online classes so far has been very positive. Teaching activity continues in Spain, as we have access to the technology needed to guarantee students’ right to a top-quality education through distance learning.

The world is changing, and so are our schools as they evolve to meet the demands of 21st-century society. The Best Schools in Spain are fully prepared to take on this complex academic challenge. The success of our methods, which have worked efficiently in recent weeks and have allowed students to continue learning, is down to a long process of innovation and digitalization in our schools.

Teachers at the Best Schools in Spain are demonstrating that they are more than qualified to hold online classes, with organisation, planning, and a generous dose of creativity. Our teachers are working non-stop to deliver the planned curriculum to students and monitor their progress. Furthermore, they are also playing an important role in guiding students and providing the emotional support they need. They do all this by using suitable methodologies and virtual tools and platforms, which guarantee that students can carry on learning from home as normally as possible.

The success of online classes at the Best Schools in Spain is also a result of the continuous training in new technologies that our centres provide to teachers and students alike; a plan that requires leadership and coordination from those in charge of our schools, as well as efforts to ensure that teachers know and learn about educational and technological innovations from around the world.

Academic and emotional support during online classes

The teachers at our schools are currently spending a large amount of time communicating with children’s’ families in order to evaluate their progress. Furthermore, in situations of uncertainty and change, it is crucial to keep students motivated and give them a routine that keeps them active and positive, and enriches their skills each and every day.

We are well aware that virtual learning cannot substitute teacher-student contact, however, this is an opportunity to develop other personal skills such as resilience, drive and discipline. We consider this challenge to be a valuable educational experience. At this time, we must support children and youngsters to ensure they understand the impact of a social emergency on their education and lives, make them aware of the world they live in and analyse the circumstances together.

We are also learning from this situation. We are taking it as the perfect training exercise for online learning, a challenge to ensure that adversity does not get in the way of students’ education. Digital resources and the preparation of the Best Schools in Spain allow us to deliver a quality education to each home and ensure that teachers are in constant contact with students and their families. Our schools are committed to the educational community and to improving education throughout Spain.

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