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How do people live in Spain? This question has many variables. According to the Human Development Index (HDI), which is annually published by the United Nations (UN), Spain is the fifth best country to live in. The climate, the culture and the food are some of the factors which make Spain a country with a good quality of life and suitable for living in.

The eating habits of the Mediterranean people are a rich sociocultural legacy which, in Spain, have been passed on from generation to generation, and the schools, together with the families, are the best place for acquiring such knowledge.

Exercising regularly and sleeping well also play a major role in preventing non-communicable diseases (heart disease, strokes, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes). Schools are the best place to instil daily physical exercise and educate in a responsible way, improving the children’s healthy lifestyle, which is what we do at the Best Schools in Spain.


Schools committed to healthy eating and exercise

One of the most iconic features of our country is the Mediterranean diet which, much more than healthy eating, is a lifestyle which combines:

  • A balanced and complete diet, based on fresh, local and seasonal produce as far as possible.
  • The habit of sharing mealtimes, traditions and celebrations with other people.
  • Moderate daily exercise.

Spanish schools include the Mediterranean diet and the related lifestyle. The schools reinforce the menus with features of the healthy Mediterranean diet, characterised by balanced and varied food such as cereals, fruit, vegetables, pulses, meat, fish, spices, dairy products and eggs.

We have a commitment to healthy eating, from the kitchen and dining room to the classroom, making sure that our students know about the importance of a healthy diet.


Comprehensive education based on health and quality of life

From childhood, the students should become aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (food, sleep, sports, etc.), focusing on comprehensive education based on health and quality of life.

To do this, it is fundamental to provide comprehensive education to students so that they know and can take care of their body and develop their physical, intellectual, personal and social skills through cohabitation and cooperation.

At our schools, physical education and sports are an end in themselves and an educational resource to develop other learning skills based on a comprehensive perspective of knowledge and the importance of encouraging good, balanced and responsible eating habits where ecological products prevail.

Schools should become the key source to fostering health among young students, improving healthy life habits and the quality of life, and preventing non-communicable diseases. This is how we work at the Best Schools in Spain.



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