Why choose a private school for your children? | Best Schools in Spain

Do you know why private education offers the best results for our children’s education? To achieve excellence, we must develop all dimensions of a student’s personality at each stage of their evolution.

All of the Best Schools in Spain focus on this formula that offers a better intercultural education, equality, school integration and a wider range of pre-primary options. This is the only way of achieving success and providing top-quality schooling.

Colegio privado Málaga

Furthermore, the best private schools in Spain combine these principles with demanding levels of teacher training and skills, unbeatable facilities, teaching resources and technological innovation, as well as a carefully designed school environment, organisation and services.

The values promoted by the Best Schools in Spain are those that lead parents to choose a private education for their children: independence, freedom, responsibility, constant and permanent innovation and an international vocation. In short, educational excellence.

Private education in Spain

In Spain, non-charter schools enjoy a large degree of freedom to define their educational model, mainly based on innovation and excellence. This is the only way to meet families’ demands and needs.


  • Personalised education

We adapt to the concerns and skills of each student. Our aim is to help them reach their full potential.

  • Bilingual or international education

This allows students to develop a mindset that is open to other cultures.

  • Training in skills and abilities

Creativity, entrepreneurship, critical thinking… These are just some of the skills that will help students in their academic, personal and professional lives.

Private education in figures

The private education system in Spain is one of the most developed in Europe, ranked in fourth place behind Malta, the United Kingdom and Belgium. Around half a million students attend private schools in our countryaccording to data from the Spanish Ministry of Education.

There are several reasons why parents choose this kind of schooling over a public education. One of these is our focus on innovation as a tool to find effective solutions to problems and the ability to adapt to new demands. These aspects put us at an advantage in terms of flexibility, the ability to react quickly and the capacity to correct potential errors. If we add independence and a steadfast commitment to provide the highest quality standards to this mix, we have found our winning formula.

International students can find the diversity they need in private education. All of the Best Schools in Spain can adjust their educational model to different learning styles, including those of international students.

In addition, thanks to close cooperation with the state education system, students have access to the values and curriculum of an international education while also experiencing the rich culture and values of the community surrounding them. In the case of Spain, students not only have access to a top-quality education in our schools, but also get the chance live in Spain and experience this country’s renowned linguistic, historical, artistic, architectural, scenic, musical, gastronomic and sporting wealth, all accompanied by a high quality of life and a pleasant climate.

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