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One of the most important aspects of the service-learning methodology is its focus on making students aware that, even though they’re still young, they can be useful and help make the world a better place through small actions.

Students find greater meaning in their learning when they put their knowledge into practise, even more so when they can see the results. This is what happens when they do something for their community and play an active role in their local society.

Service learning connects children with the world. Students get involved in charitable projects and develop values such as sensitivity and social commitment. At the same time, they put into practise their skills, autonomy and knowledge related to the issue they have engaged with. This method benefits the ethical and personal growth of students and, therefore, of these young citizens that will shape the societies of the future.

The Best Schools in Spain work on service learning, a method that aims to make students capable of finding and identifying real problems, situations and needs in their immediate surroundings, and subsequently developing proposals to improve them.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, which we are still suffering, the schools have organised donation campaigns and students have sent cards and messages of encouragement to healthcare staff and patients.

The Best Schools in Spain work on various social initiatives, many of which are linked to the centres’ immediate surroundings. There are many examples, and they may vary each academic year as they are adapted to the problems or needs that arise in the nearby area. Charity Christmas concerts, food or clothing donations and supportive messages for NGOs or rest homes are common.

Students have many opportunities to give their time and help those in need This type of initiatives helps children realise what they have and be more aware of how their actions have a positive effect on major causes or improve the situation in their local area.

An educational revolution

We are currently at the start of an educational revolution. We are working harder than ever before to make sure all students are aware of the world surrounding them and get involved in initiatives to look after and improve it. The Best Schools in Spain place special importance on charity, artistic and environmental projects in our centres.

We want students to take the initiative and get actively involved. In this way, students feel that they play a part in developing and improving their community, which is their school, and also learn about commitment and discipline

Environmental education

Environmental education is increasingly important at the Best Schools in Spain, since it is the school’s responsibility to raise students’ awareness of topics such as the consequences of climate change, the importance of consuming resources rationally and recycling. For this purpose, we design awareness-raising campaigns, projects and activities that allow students to investigate while also acquiring good habits.

There is also the Eco-Schools programme, which implies meeting a series of objectives and raising awareness among the entire school community, from students and teachers to non-teaching staff. It is highly important to get them actively engaged so that not only do they acquire knowledge, but are also able to think of solutions to environmental problems in their local area.

It is uplifting to see our students of all ages engage with the leaders of a positive environmental change and show such passionate concern for their planet. They are learning about their world and, by doing so, are shaping it for everyone’s benefit. Today’s students are tomorrow’s future, which is why raising awareness in schools will help us build a sustainable world


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