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San José School

Colegio San José is a private, bilingual school that covers all educational stages from 3 to 18 years old, including all forms of the National Baccalaureate and the IB Diploma Program. Multilingualism, teamwork, respect for diversity and uniqueness, concern for culture, critical thinking and international mentality are its hallmarks. International Baccalaureate World School committed to the development of knowledgeable and informed young people who will successfully face their future and contribute to a more harmonious and peaceful world.
Respect, personal growth, fellowship and coexistence are fostered through sports, artistic and cultural activities that include care for the environment and commitment to society. Based on Project Based Learning (PBL), Design Thinking or Service Learning, the center articulates a methodological program that aligns the provision of innovative spaces and tools with the acquisition of 21st century competencies.

Vehicle Language - Spanish, English
High level- French, German

Basketball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Tennis, Volleyball, Athletics, Paddle Tennis, Soccer

Respect, personal growth, companionship, coexistence, sports, artistic and cultural activities;


3 Canteens

8 transportation routes;

The academic activities developed at the school revolve around the motto “We think, research, analyze and communicate”. The educational project is defined as transversal in all stages and involves the entire educational community: students, teaching staff, families…
A project with a pedagogical vocation aimed at transforming daily life in society and in the classroom, contributing to the development of the potential of tomorrow’s creators, dreamers and leaders.
As an educational center in constant adaptation to social changes, it walks in line with the introduction and updating of the latest trends in technology and new sciences in the learning process. It has a specialized interdisciplinary department to respond to the new social demands in the formation and integral preparation of the professionals of the future.
From 3 to 18 years old
Vehicle Language – Spanish, English,
High level- French, German
100% pass rate in the University Entrance Evaluation Tests (PEvAU) and 100% pass rate in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program.
Average score of 522.33 in the Program for International Student Assessment “PISA for Schools”, exceeding the average of OECD countries, above the Spanish average and countries such as Finland, Canada, Japan and Korea.
VI International Competition WISIBILÍZALAS: Second Prize. Students of 1st Baccalaureate and 4th Secondary School awarded among participants from 5 countries in a contest whose objective is to give visibility to women in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).
Sports: Basketball (with professional competition), Swimming (with professional competition), Judo, Gymnastics, Dance, Tennis (with professional competition), Skating, Volleyball (with professional competition), Athletics (with professional competition), Ballet, Paddle (with professional competition).
Musical and artistic activities: Pop rock band, Drums, Choir, Classical dance, Spanish dance, Guitar, Piano, Violin, Music production and DJ training, Film forum and Theater workshop.
Professional Conservatory of Music:Center Authorized by the Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Andalucía to teach Initiation, Basic and Professional Music Education, with students being able to obtain official qualifications of Elementary Grade and Professional Grade of Music in 18 symphonic specialties.
International accreditation of musical studies according to the European Qualifications Framework (E.Q.F.) through Trinity College London;
Psychologist, Canteen, Psychomotricity specialist, School routes
Library, Soccer field, Volleyball field, Basketball court, Laboratories, Tennis court, Paddle tennis court, Skating rink, Swimming pool, Psychomotricity room, Judo room, Athletics track, Paddle tennis courts, Badminton court, Fronton court, Rock climbing wall, Indoor soccer and handball courts, Laboratories: Physics, Chemistry and Natural Sciences, Recording studio for school radio and television, Assembly hall, Botanical garden
The monthly fee is in the range between 600.00 € and 1.200 € per month per student including tuition and canteen services;
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