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Nowadays, technology is changing our society at a dizzying pace. Because of this, labour demands are constantly evolving and the need to find workers with a diverse technological skill set is ever growing. What we are currently experiencing is a skills revolution.

The learning processes used to educate the young minds of today must adapt in order to promote a series of skills and knowledge that encourages students to learn to innovate, use their imaginations and solve problems.


What is the aim of the STEAM learning system?

The main objective of the innovative STEAM learning system is to strengthen students’ personal and social abilities in order to familiarize students with the new demands of the labour field and create better opportunities with their futures in mind.

In Spain, there are already several schools that can be found on Best Schools in Spain where this more creative and integral life-learning educational system is being developed. Students at these schools are seen as a whole, taking all aspects of their being into account including physical, emotional and spiritual elements.


Transversal and experiential knowledge

The STEAM teaching-learning methodology, which corresponds to the English acronym for the five the main subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics aims to guarantee the development of transversal knowledge, in which the contents of each of these branches is not taught or learned in isolation, but rather is imparted in an interdisciplinary way that ensures contextualized and meaningful learning.

STEAM learning helps students observe, investigate, innovate, develop curiosity and their imaginations, ask questions, ponder how things work and solve the problems that they face on a daily basis.

By carrying out project-based work, students are able to gain a clear understanding of the daily reality as well as learn content that is appropriate for the 21st century. This system encourages students to make their own decisions, develop their creative skills and evaluate their own achievements along the way. It helps students to be respectful, reflexive and emotional young people and promotes a critical spirit that makes them the active protagonists in their own teaching-learning process. Through this system, students are able to become democratic, participatory, supportive, happy and committed young people.

The main characteristic of this learning system is practical training, during which students learn and work in a real way through experimentation. Teachers provide students with the necessary tools they need in order to obtain autonomy and use their own knowledge in a profitable and enriching way.

To carry out this methodology, digital competence, teamwork and decision-making processes need to be integrated into each subject’s curriculum. In addition, an important concept within the STEAM model is to combine learning concepts with game-like practices.

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Gamification: learning through play

Gamification is a methodology that aims to transform academic situations that wouldn’t normally be considered fun, into game-like situations in order to motivate students more.  The goal of this methodology is to enhance students’ skills through experimentation and play, with the idea in mind that it’s easier for students to obtain a more meaningful and functional learning experience by learning through play.

This type of methodology facilitates learning in a fun way, generating a truly positive experience for students. Not only does this method improve academic results, but it also facilitates coexistence in the classroom, helps students to get to know each other, relate better to themselves and others, and helps them awaken a critical sense within.

This change in education eliminates the concept of the traditional lecture class and converts the main role of the teacher into more of a guide for students as they navigate through their own learning processes. This method is accompanied by a personalized curriculum tailored to the each student’s needs and strives to promote the growth of each student’s personal skills.

In closing, the schools at Best Schools in Spain work hard to provide students with endless access to different sources of knowledge, as well as help students develop a more universal mentality and become the undisputed protagonists of their own learning experience.


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